Oct 13 2011

Scream-A-Day No. 13 – CHRISTINE

What happens when you take a novel written by a Master of Horror, and put it in the hands of a Master of Horror Film Maker?

Well, I think one of the answers is a movie about an Evil Car that has the sick ability of possessing its owner.  Our Scream-A-Day feature is the haunting car thriller – CHRISTINE.

Since I’m on my John Carpenter kick these past few days (must be The Thing movie), I just wanted to introduce or reintroduce you guys to another classic of his.  As a matter of fact, I almost forgot he directed CHRISTINE.  And of course, if you’ve started out with a book of the same name, written by none other than Stephen King, then you’re bound to get a movie that’s scary, crazy and fun.

A high school kid, who is a bit of a loser, and with only one friend, finds a car owned by a creepy guy in town.  The kid, Arnie (played by Keith Gordon), falls in love with the heap of junk immediately.  He soon gets obsessed (and possessed) with restoring the car.  As I mentioned, Arnie is a loser, and as with all losers in film, Arnie comes with his own set of bullies.  Locals that don’t have anything better to do (like prepare for college) than beat up on poor Arnie.  Of course Arnie is used to it, even though his tougher friend Dennis tries to step in when he can.  But everything changes when they trash Arnie’s newly restored, beautiful 1958 Plymouth!  Now it’s Clobberin’ Time, but it’s not Arnie that’s going to dish out the clobberin’.


CHRISTINE didn’t scare people so much as people were scared for the characters in the movie.  And everyone could see that Arnie was headed down a Bad Road (ahem).  The movie kept people’s attention, and it was a great supernatural thriller.  A classic horror about a classic car.  Geek Soul Brother approves.

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