Mar 12 2016

It’s A Year Of Versus! The Ring vs. The Grudge


This is the year of the Versus! We have Batman v Superman, Avengers vs Avengers, Mutants vs Mutants, and Villains vs Villains.  So why should we not have a versus that dives head first into the Japanese supernatural horror genre like, I don’t know, The Ring vs The Grudge? Enter SADAKO VS KAYAKO.  That’s right, it’s little girl ghost with a VHS tape fetish going head-to-head with little boy ghost who has a really bad sore throat by the sound of it.  What this ethereal battle will look like I can’t tell you. But I know that some unsuspecting Japanese people will be caught in the middle of the double haunting.  Check the trailer and look for the film to come out in Japan on June 18th 2016. Thanks James McJimmy for putting me on.




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