Nov 12 2013


Thor 2 Loki Poster

The Plot: Eons ago the seven realms aligned, and the Dark Elves tried to turn the universe dark, as it was in the beginning.  Not sure if that was dispelling all light, or just destroying all the stars in the sky, but they wanted darkness everywhere.  Odin’s father was able to stop them from using what was known as The Either, but it was at a cost to both sides.  Malekith, leader of the Dark Elves, saved himself and some of his most loyal soldiers and fled into hiding.  Fast forward to present day, the seven realms are starting to align again and dark forces are starting to rise again.  Jane Foster is missing her Asgardian lover boy, but the fact that physical laws are starting to go screwy makes her turn her attention to what’s to come.

First off, if you liked the first Thor film, you’ll like the second one even more.  Marvel definitely listened to the critiques and complaints that people had.  There was more action, more battles, less romantic time between Thor and Jane Foster, and great bad guys (though they could have been dialed up more).  Tom Hiddleston as Loki always is a favorite. It’s hard to see him beat his first performance in Thor, but he was pretty good here.

On the other side, I have to say that they played it a little safe with the storyline.  It didn’t have huge twist like IRONMAN 3 did with The Manderan.  It did have some great dramatic moments that I didn’t see coming.  But in the area of storytelling, it was a straight forward shot.

Thor 2 PosterHemsworth played his part, but he reached a more dramatic level in the first film.  And considering what happened at one point, I found it a little odd.  I think the first film required Hemsworth to play against Hiddleston more, and that dynamic brought more tension. In here Thor and Loki weren’t at odds so you didn’t get that sibling rivalry like before.   Portman was good, and she didn’t over do it.  I liked how they used Jane Foster in a key plot point.  Yeah, it was a little forced, but it worked after a while.  Hopkins was the same but we got to see more of him.  Idris Elba was great, as he is in most everything.  Heimdall always brings the cool to Asgard.  Eccleston was unrecognizable in his role of Malekith.  And Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje was kinda intimidating as Kurse.  Kat Dennings carried most of the light-heartedness in her role as Darsy.  Some of her comedic moments didn’t quite fit in the drama, but I loved her character even more than the first in the first film.  My question is – why didn’t they have Hogen as part of Thor’s gang?  And I would have liked Lady Sif to have gotten a little more screen time.

One thing I found cool about the film was the technology that the Elves had, and how the ‘space tech’ fit into the fantasy feel of the overall film.  I can’t remember seeing the mesh of genres in quite that way.



The directing by Alan Taylor worked.  It wasn’t stylized, but with all the CG and special effects, Asgard and other fantastical elements looked great and added to the film.  I just wish it was more epic.  The story had potential, but I don’t think the grandeur was at its height.  The film didn’t blow me away, but there were no major flaws either.

You know it’s a Marvel film, so don’t leave during the credits.  In fact. there are two credit scenes.  Just a hint: the first is a nod to a madly titanic story arc from the comics dealing with gems.  And the second was a cute wrap up to the film.

Unless you had a burning hate for the first Thor, I would suggest you go see THOR: THE DARK WORLD.  Geek Soul Brother gives it 3.5 COSMIC AFROS.


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  1. Mr. C

    **Spoiler Alert**

    What is the deal with Ian and the car? They never addressed that in the movie and I didn’t see anything in the Thor story history to explain that..

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      You mean when he slammed the car on the Elves? I believe it was because the gravity and physical laws were still messed up. It wasn’t that he had super strength.

      1. Mr. C

        Yes, someone mentioned that. Thanks for clarifying.

  2. mauricem1972

    The first one didn’t feel epic enough to me, so I was hoping the second would be. I’ll have to check it out.

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      It was definitely more epic than the first. It didn’t reach that Peter Jackson Epic though.

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