Jun 21 2012


What if I told you that there is an extremely dramatic show that takes place in a diner, in a single booth, and the entire show is shot in this one booth?  And in each scene there are only two people talking in the booth at one time (mostly)? What would you say?  Boring?  Silly?  Sounds stupid?  Try Awesome.

THE BOOTH AT THE END is a series that HULU premiered last year as part of their previous Summer Slate.  It’s just about a strange guy with a strange book, and a promise for everybody that comes in to talk to him that their wish will be fulfilled.  But the promise comes with a price.   And I was serious when I said that it was only two people talking in a single booth.  There are no other locations, no action shots, no special effects, and some subtle music.  I almost don’t want you to even watch the trailer because every moment revealed is almost a spoiler.

From HULU:

People come to The Man In The Booth with a wish, and he makes a mysterious deal requiring them to complete a task that challenges their sense of right and wrong.


You know what, forget the trailer.  Here’s the first 22 minute episode courtesy of Hulu.  But if you really want to watch the trailer first Click Here.

If you like TWILIGHT ZONE, NEEDFUL THINGS, MONKEY’S PAW and THE BOX, then you should love this.  I know if you didn’t watch it, you’re still not convinced, because I said it all takes place in a diner booth.  But trust me, it’s not what you think.  This show encompasses real storytelling because it is so minimalistic, yet so enthralling.

There are only five – 22 minute episode in the first season, all available now.  Since it’s Hulu, you know it has limited commercials.  I realize that some countries don’t get Hulu, but if any other streaming service is featuring this show, I highly recommend it.

The series (more like a mini-series) stars Xander Berkeley as the mysterious man in the booth, Matt BorenSarah Clarke as Sister Carmel, Kate MaberlyMatt NolanJennifer Del Rosario as Melody, and Jenni Blong as Doris, the curious waitress of the diner.  Christopher Kubasik is the creator of the show.

Shout-Out to Hulkmad27 for telling me about this show last year, even thought I forgot he mentioned it and took almost a year to watch it.  Shame on you HulkMad for not bugging me about it.

HULU also has other juicy programing being featured this summer like THE YARD (some original and some exclusive).  You can check out my Post about it HERE.

Season two will premiere on Hulu July 30th. New episodes will be available every Monday.

For what it is, Geek Soul Brother gives THE BOOTH AT THE END 4.75 out of 5 COSMIC AFROS.

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