Sep 10 2013

Funky Q Review: KISS OF THE DAMNED (2012)

Writer / Director Xan Cassavetes kicks off her career in supernatural film fiction with this sultry, grungy vampire flick – KISS OF THE DAMNED.  It stars Joséphine de La Baume (One Day) and  Milo Ventimiglia, who us geeks remember as Peter Petrelli from HEROES (what a shame).

Paolo and Djuna catch each other’s eyes, and the passion ensues.  But Djuna doesn’t want Paolo to become entangled in her world, the world of chic vampires that keep a low profile.  But what is a love story without a few obstacles.  Especially when Djuna’s sister comes into town and messes up her groove.

The film wasn’t all that exciting, story wise.  But that maybe due to how Cassavetes choice of film style.  As I watched, I got the notion that this was a throwback to the 70s Italian vampire horror films.  Very melodramatic.  Lots of silence and acting with the eyes.  And very sensual and moody in content.  Visually it was interesting.

Unfortunately, the story didn’t really kick into high gear.  All of the vampire scenes were ‘see victim, bite victim’.  No twists or turns.  I guess the sexuality was an attraction for some, but that was tastefully limited to a few scenes.  I was hoping there would be more to the story, but if it was indeed an homage to the classic Italian fang flicks, then the need for a deep plot was low.  It wasn’t horrible, just not enough ‘bite’.


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  1. Fister Roboto

    I’ve eyed Kiss a half dozen times and wondered if this was going to be the case. Thanks for the time saver, GSB!

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