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Well, it seems the sequel to Man Of Steel has people polarized in their opinions as much as the initial Snyder film did. But I think many fans are weighing more on the side that Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice was even less satisfying. This was the case for me as I left the theater feeling somewhat unfulfilled. I didn’t hate the film, but some aspects bothered me. There were two saving graces though.

So the questions that everyone had on their minds were – Did Ben Affleck ruin or respect the role of Batman? And the other question – How was Wonder Woman a.k.a. Gal Gadot? I’m reflecting the feedback of many who have seen the film in saying that not only did Affleck respect the role, but he did justice to the Dark Knight. Bat-ffleck brought a certain charm to Bruce Wayne while convincingly expressing the caped crusader’s determination we all know to overcome all threats; including his assessment of Superman being a global one. I have to give it to Affleck seeing that his acting has matured since his dry and stiff portrayal of Daredevil. Or maybe stiff just fits the character of Batman better than other heroes. Either way, Big Ben did such a good job at Batman that some fans are calling for more solo films lead by him. Way to make us all eat crow Sir.

Diana BatmanSuperman

On to the role of Wonder Woman. I’m still peeved that Gadot received criticisms over her body type not fitting everyone’s idea of what Wonder Woman looked like. First of all, WW isn’t here to be your Playboy girl of the Month. Yes, Gadot is a slim girl, but I was convinced that she could gain some muscle as she stated many times that she was preparing for the role with special training. And if you think back to Man Of Steel, Feora El wasn’t all that big either and yet she was kicking Sups butt all over the place. It was to my delight when I saw the reactions to Gal as Wonder Woman and how many of us movie goers loved her in the film and wanted to see much more, both in battle and as Diana Prince. There was a point where WW comes in gangster style to save Batman from being charcoal-broiled, and when her warrior theme music blasted through the speakers, I was cheering her on. All this goodness in the film and I still left with lackluster feeling.

BvS Lex

There were three reasons for this. The first was that the film took a while to get to some action. Kind of like Man Of Steel, but Zack Snyder included that Krypton story arch which helped with the pacing. The first half of BvS was subtextual conversations between Clark and Bruce, zany Lex moments and governments trying to decide how to handle an alien demigod. Look, I don’t need physical action all through a film, but give me some emotional content I can sink my teeth into. But this wasn’t the worse part. The true sin of this legendary comic book story was that it failed in the most basic storytelling element. It didn’t give you any villain you could love. Eisenburg as Lex Luthor was anything but. His take on the powerful industrialist was a weird neurotic sociopath with no apparent motivation other than to get Batman and Superman to fight each other. And also to play with mutating Kryptonian genes. What was it all for Lex, What was it all For? Jessie’s version of Luthor reminded me of all the comic book cut outs of the 70s Superman films. Lastly, the Doomsday fight should have been longer and well known villain should have said a word or two. Instead he reminded people of the Trolls right out of Lord Of The Rings. So yes, major fail in the villain department.

On the bright side, I’m looking forward to the Wonder Woman film, and seeing Cyborg and Aqua-Momoa-man show up in Justice League. Not so much Flash though.

This could have been a great film. Unfortunately it missed a few marks. I personally don’t mind a darker Superman, but the characters have to resonate in some way. Geek Soul Brother gives Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice 3.25 out of 5 COSMIC AFROS.


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