Feb 19 2016

Powder’s Little Brother? – Midnight Special Trailer (2016)

Country folk and Half Alien kids?  That’s just my guess as to what MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is all about.  The little kid with the glowing eyes (Jaeden Lieberher) may not have anything to do with aliens. He may just be on some X-Men mutant gene stuff.  Either way, this has a vibe that makes me want to add it to the 2016 film queue.  I’ve appreciated Michael Shannon since seeing him in Take Shelter, another interesting film to see.  In this trailer I feel like he is drawing on the spirit of Andy, the dad from Firestarter.  He’s not about to the some low down Feds get his son, even though his eyes glow like superbright LEDs.  We also have Kylo Ren taking off his black robe and putting on jeans and a flannel shirt.  I’m curious how his acting will come off in a totally different setting from the Star Destroyer he called home, or the trenches of Brooklyn among hipsters.

I’m thinking this film will at least have some good acting in it, considering the line-up.  But we know that also depends on the writing and direction.  Hopefully this will be a sleeper like I think several films with be this year. Look for it March 18th.



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