May 29 2015

GSB Film Review: POLTERGEIST (2015)



Why would you try and remake Poltergeist?  I mean, why would you try to remake any Spielberg film?  Just name one film that he has done that would make you say “Yeah, they should remake that one cause Spielberg didn’t quite get it right.”  Yet they went ahead and did it anyway.  The 2015 version isn’t that bad of a film in itself. But it pales when comparing it to the original.

Unfortunately, the producers didn’t at least put an interesting spin on the movie so we could see something new and different.  They certainly were not going to capture that special something that the 1982 classic had.  It wasn’t a shot for shot copy, but they stuck to the story enough that you knew what was coming.  And that was probably the downfall of the film in the eyes of the audience.

Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt actually played more believable parents than the hippie-ish mom and dad of original film. The Bowens weren’t letting their daughter be pulled across the kitchen floor by mysterious forces. There was a moment where Rockwell showed his acting chops, but it was wasted on the rest of the film.

Kyle Catlet from The Following is a good little kid actor.  if he had some better dialog to work with I think he would have popped off the screen even better.  Kennedi Clements was no Carol Ann (and not because her character was Madison), but she added enough cuteness to the story.  Again, been there – done that.

One last thing that probably bothered me the most about the film – What was up with the multiple shots of electrical power line towers?  Did I miss something? As far as I could tell they had nothing to do with the plot. Are power lines a horror film plot tool now?  Nasty Clown dolls and magnetic fields, now that’s scary.

Go see the original film.  Especially if you haven’t seen it before.  Then catch the 2015 Poltergeist on TV or streaming later this year if you are curious.  Geek Soul Brother gives it 2.5 out of 5 Cosmic Afros.




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  1. Wendell

    I love the original. Hate that they just had to do a remake. Might have to see it because my daughters want to.

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