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My son told me a while ago that a new AVATAR show was coming out on Nickelodeon – AVATAR: LEGEND OF KORRA.  This revisit to the world of the wildly popular AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER puts us 70 years later, in the middle of the industrial age, where towns and villages are now cities.  KORRA is a teenager from the southern water tribe, and next Avatar.  She’s older than Aang was, and she has learned 3 of the 4 bending skills – fire, earth and water, but still has to master airbending.

Korra travels to Republic City, a metropolis bustling with benders and regular people alike, the very city that Aang and Fire Lord Zuko envisioned.  Unfortunately, when Korra arrives, she’s met with element bending criminals, and anti-bending radicals led by Amon.  But things aren’t all bad as Korra befriends two brothers – Mako (firebender) and Bolin (earth bender).  She also has her polar bear-dog Naga.


I, for one, am soooo looking forward to this new steam-punk version of the series.  As an adult and geek, I enjoyed the original AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER series when it aired.  I highly recommend going back and catching it.  You can watch some of the episodes on NICKTOONS HERE.  But I don’t recommend you see M. Night’s version which was a travesty of the series.

If you want, you can also watch the first episode of the new series here – Book One: Air – Chapter One: Republic City.

AVATAR: LEGEND OF KORRA premieres on Nickelodeon April 14th at 11am e.s.t.

UPDATE: I just watched the first two episodes and I’m a fan.  Why not just watch the first one here (if it doesn’t play, try reloading the page)…


Legend of Korra: “Welcome to Republic City” S1
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  1. El Camino

    FYI, They have the 1st episode On Demand. I saw it yesterday. You will not be disappointed.

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