Jun 20 2016

Interview With NATALIE CHAIDEZ – Showrunner Of Syfy’s HUNTERS

Natalie Chaidez


In this special episode (GSBPodcast Ep.282) Geek Soul Brother had the honor of talking with Natalie Chaidez – the Showrunner for the new series on the Syfy network – Hunters. We talked about the diversity of the show, how Natalie got into the business, and time travel shows. Natalie’s career includes – 12 Monkeys, V (2010), Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and Heroes. We even talked about a cool detective show from back in the day with a young urban vibe – New York Undercover.

Here are some questions I asked Ms. Chaidez

What drew you to the project of Hunters?

What has been the best aspect of joining the SciFi network?

The story has unfolded beautifully with each episode. Does it reveal itself in the book in the same way?

I’m looking forward to having Natalie Chaidez on the podcast again, if nothing else just to talk about more science fiction we love. We had a great time. You can also find the podcast in iTunes and Stitcher.


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