Dec 15 2016

Forget the Yule Log, Warm Up With Marvel’s Fireside Videos

It’s cold out there, but Marvel, with the help of Coca-Cola, has given their fans a warm and nerdy way to keep the fire burning, at least on a virtual level.  Marvel’s Fireside videos feature cozy and comfy fireplaces from 4 of our Avengers’ living spaces, including Carol Danvers’ New Jersey home.  So if the Yule Log has lost its toasty appeal, you can spend an hour (or more if looped) in the living rooms of your favorite heroes while they fight cosmic threats this season, all in 4K detail.

Ms. Marvel’s New Jersey Home Fireside – Carol’s place looks a little lived in with her suit just flopped on the couch.  I don’t know what’s up with intermediate tremors in the house, but maybe Carol had to deal with some super-villain while coming back from the grocery store.



Iron Man’s Manhattan Apartment Fireside – Even Tony’s fireplace is high tech. No messy logs or ashes to clean up.  We’re literally looking at a video of a video of a fireplace. The irony (pun intended).


Captain America’s Brooklyn Apartment Fireside  – A nostalgic room to keep your Vibranium shield from being cold to the touch.



Thor’s Asgard Home Fireside Video  – After wrestling with some Frost Giants this looks like an inviting place to drink your ale and watch The Vikings on History Channel.


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