May 23 2015

GSB Film Review: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (2015)

Mad Max Fury Poster


This was an updated yet classic Mad Max film.

The story finds Mad Max caught between a ruthless clan leader called Immortan Joe and his pursuit of a group of women lead by Imperitor Furiosa who fight to escape his clutches.

Tom Hardy was good.  Though he didn’t loose himself in this role as I have seen him disappear into characters of other works in his filmography.  There was just a hint of Hardy that didn’t go away.  Watch The Drop and you will know what I’m talking about.  But this isn’t to say that he didn’t do a great job as Max.  He was a good casting choice.

Charlize was good, but I always expect her to be so if the story is decent.  Unlike Hardy, I perceived less of Theron and more of Furiosa as she became more of a prominent figure.  And Furiosa was kinda awesome.  We have seen heroines that were more badass than her in cinema, but Furiosa certainly deserves credit. Theron as Furiosa did a decent job of bringing urgency to the story where Mad Max could not.

I have to say Bravo to George Miller for conjuring up some incredible automotive action in this dystopian desolation that can only be seen in his former works.

Visually, there is more to this film than you would have thought.  If you pay attention to the cinematography and editing you will see an almost symphonic relationship between them.  I loved how at certain points the cuts and action became jagged and stuttered.  Other moments have beautiful panoramic views.  The clash between them greatly added to the adrenaline rush. I can see why the trailer alone hooked people in. Kudos to the score of the film too.

I don’t understand why some male centric groups thought this film was shoving feminism down their throats. Dude, grow a pair and stop complaining.  You still have the market cornered for heroes in film and TV.  Were there strong women in the story? Absolutely.  Were there strong women in The Road Warrior and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome?  You best believe there were.  So what are they complaining about other than just to complain?  Weak man, just weak.  Personally, I love to see a different face waving the victory flag in my movies.  A good story and a champion to root for is all I need.

On the other side ladies, Fury Road should not be called a hard feminist film.  On that level I would give it a 5 or 6 out of 10.  The reason being that Mad Max solved many of the women’s problems in the second act.  And of course he should have.  The film isn’t called Fighting Furiosa: Fury Road.  But I will say this – if director George Miller decides to do a female hero lead film in this vast world of rolling steel and desert chaos, I would be all in.  I think he has shown in most of his Mad Max films that he is paying attention to the strength and character of his female roles.  Yooo!! How hot would it be to tell a prequel story of Tina Turner’s Auntie Entity and how she survived the apocalypse?

This movie is a fun action flick. It will not weigh heavily on your frontal lobe because the story was pretty straight forward.  But your mind will be consistently blown for 2 hours over the car racing, car crushing insanity that is approximately 98% of this film.  Geek Soul Brother gives MAD MAX: FURY ROAD 4 out of 5 COSMIC AFROS.




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