Feb 22 2017


LEGO Batman 1

Guest Review by Blerd Words

Being a blerd-dad, I savor those scarce opportunities that I get to share my nerdity with my three daughters. The LEGO Batman movie was one of those limited times. Despite its PG rating, I felt the flick was appropriate for all three of my little princesses. Their ages are seven, four, and two. There were a number of monsters that were in the movie and none of my girls flinched when they appeared on screen. To be fair though, they are monsters made out of LEGOs. The word “butt” was said a few times, and while that would usually send my two older girls into a giggling frenzy, they instead were focused on Batman’s other lines. They did however giggle a bit when Bruce Wayne changed out of his Bat uniform and showed a few swift moments of flesh-tones. I do have to mention that by the middle of the second act, my two year old had lost interesting in the flick. She was only interested in sitting on my lap and eating popcorn. I suppose she had her fill of the Bat because just before going to see the movie, the girls and I attended a LEGO Batman event at Target. Although my other two ladies were literally on the edge of their seats watching the movie. I actually had to tell them to scoot back into their seats. It is my recommendation that any nerd parent should take their offspring to The LEGO Batman movie.


Parents, the LEGO Batman movie has something for every Bat fan. It’s got something for the occasional movie-goer with a vague familiarity of Batman to the obsessive compulsive Bat-fanatic that spends hours online defending why Micheal Keaton was the best Batman. The movie makes references and has Easter Eggs to seemingly every incarnation of Batman ranging from the 1960s to present day. The biggest reason the movie is so awesome is the fact that the story is actually a good story. If you strip away the LEGO and comedic elements, the meat of the story at its core is a compelling Bat story. We see Batman dealing with a reoccurring theme that haunts the character but in a playful and sincere way.

The voice acting was spot on and comedic timing was on point, even for the joke or two that got overdone. The movie didn’t have an issue making jokes at its own expense or Batman’s or even Warner Brothers. Will Arnet was epic as Batman. He may have become my favorite Batman, well he’s in my top three at least.

My only serious issue with the LEGO Batman movie is why didn’t LEGO get the licensing sooner. When I was a kid, LEGOs only featured space, town, and castle themed sets. I would’ve bled to have a Batman themed LEGO set growing up. So I’ll probably end up buying a few sets for my daughters that I’ll build and keep in my room for “safety”.

In conclusion, I’d say that the LEGO Batman movie is a good flick to see solo, with the kids or even as a date movie. If you’ll excuse me, I have to see if my wife wants to go to the movies.

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