Apr 07 2016


Legend Of The Cipher

Episode #269 Legend Of The Cipher: A Game Of Hip-Hop.

As a former gamer and nerd, I’ve always had a love of gaming. From my early years spending afternoons in the arcade to my first time beating Super Mario on my Nintendo; nothing can match the rush of adrenaline when you master a level that had for days made you it’s monkey.  When tabletop games became the rage,  I was at a loss. As a writer the idea of intricate universes and bylaws intrigued me. Until I actually played.  I got lost amid the rules, the delicately balanced point system,  and the playing cards I would stare at, hoping in vain to make some sense of them. After a few half-hearted attempts with friends I threw in towel and decided I had enough punches on my geek card. That card gaming was “just not my thing.” I’ve held onto that excuse for years until I heard about Legend of the Cipher. It is an in-depth tabletop card game but unlike it’s predecessors this one is based entirely on the hip hop culture.  I was immediately intrigued when it popped up on my twitter feed. A card game that reflected the elements of hip hop with the rules and playing style of Magic the Gathering? Someone had heard the cries of anguish from geeks like me!  The brain child of Todd Anderson and Benjamin Sanchez, it infuses the real life struggles of an emcee. It starts out with a basic deck and using money, skill, etc. you are able to build your self up level by level using battles, performances and other emcees as allies to become a “Legend.” What I like most about this game is it meshes two cultures that don’t often run in the same circles in public. Most hip hop heads wouldn’t dream of saying out loud that they are table top card gamers. Hip hop is considered for the cool kids,  full of swag. This game focuses on the reality of the culture though.  For example, one main way to build your deck according to Todd Anderson is by “doing shows.” A little known fact in hip hop is that artists don’t actually make most of their money off of record sales. The bulk of their income is from doing tours, and shows so it pays to have experience and a great stage show.  Legend of the Cipher reflects these truths,  in fact educating by dispelling myths and using the same point system most table top games use. It’s gotten great reception at various conventions with teachers even singing its praises as a classroom tool. Now they are attempting to bring the game to the masses using crowd funding to get it in the hands of fans and geeks alike. This is the sort game that can bridge the gap and give the public an even bigger love affair with nerd culture than the one Marvel has already has in bloom. If you’d like to help put Legends of the Cipher in every home,  please contact them @Cipher_Legend on Twitter and support the cause through their Gofund Me page at: https://www.gofundme.com/Cipher_Legend.  Also check out their Facebook Page.

Here’s a video of the Legend Of The Cipher being played at PAX 2013.


We also did a little Daredevil non-spoiler review. Enjoy.



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