Oct 24 2015

Jessica Jones Trailer – Evil Tennant and a little Luke Lovin’

Jones trailer poster


We have had several teasers for the second Marvel / Netflix series premiering November 20th.  Where we saw the rise of a superhero in Daredevil, this trailer hints at how Jessica did horrible things while in the will-bending clutches of Killgrave, also known as the Purple Man in Marvel comics.  We also get to see glimpses of said evil villain played by the same person that played a certain charming time traveling doctor – David Tennant. Something tells me that Miss Jones will wish that she could travel back in time after meeting Tennant’s character. We also get a very curious Luke Cage asking Jessica about her powers. I don’t know if that’s how a player gets into a superheroine’s pants, but it seemed to have worked for Cage.  This and all of the other scenes in the trailer begs the question: Is Jessica Jones going to be even darker than Daredevil?  DD didn’t have any sex scenes really, and not even a whole bunch of cursing.  Those familiar with J Jones story know that it was an R rated equivalent of a comic series.  How much is Disney willing to let Netflix show?  I personally think they can pull it off, even if the streaming giant doesn’t feature anything explicit.  But I guess we won’t know for another month or so.  If you don’t want to spoil the story than you can do some homework by reading the former Jessica Jones comic – Alias.





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