Dec 31 2012


Not everybody goes out of their way to watch Film Trailers like I do (and my fellow film bloggers and podcasters).  But trailers are the first real glimpse into a film, selling you on the story.  Did a particular trailer move you this year?  Did it inspire you to watch the film (or just inspire you)?  Were the visuals and music imaginative and inventive?  All trailers try to do that, but there are some trailers that get you so excited about the film, convincing you that you will have an incredible theatrical experience.  Even though we get the big let down when we actually DO see the film, the trailer should still be appreciated.

These are only of films that hit theaters in 2012.  No IRONMAN 3 here.

Some of these films aren’t the best of films, but their trailers were hot in the hottest way!  Here’s my Top Ten Trailers of 2012 with a reason why I thought they were so good….

10. Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right – this film was probably bad (I didn’t see it yet, but I will).  Be that as it may, the trailer was a cool surprise.

9. Chronicle

I’m a sucker for a good Psionic / telekinesis film.

8. Flight

All I can say is I had to see how Denzel was going to land a plane UPSIDE DOWN!!

7. Django

Since I’ve just watched the film, this trailer did a great job telling the story.  And James Brown makes any trailer better!

6. Snow White and the Huntsman

Though I was let down in the theater with this film, I loved the visuals that they picked to include in this trailer

5. John Carter

This was a story that was special to my heart.  It was one of the first fantasy/scifi books I read as a young reader.  But the reason I picked this was that it hit all the right queues.

4. Prometheus

Even though I had problems with the film, Ridley Scott’s Sci-fi film was sold to me lock, stock and barrel.

3. Dark Knight

There were a few Dark Knight trailers that came out.  They made me curious about the film (like I wasn’t going to see it), but this particular one sent chills down my spine.

2. Avengers

I was waiting for this film all of my comic collecting life.  The trailer did not disappoint in the least.  Everything was there to make my jaw drop.

1. Cloud Atlas

The Wachowskis and Tykwer gave us a film that was not only visually incredible, and musically inspiring, but conceptually brought us closer together.  All that was contained in this extra long first trailer that they released. The music, the narration by Hanks and Sarandon, and the many incredible shots made this my favorite trailer of 2012.

Found this while looking at Dark Knight trailers.  I had to give it an honorable mention…

Dark Knight Lego

What did you think when you saw these trailers for the first time?  Can you appreciate them even though the movies didn’t ring your cinematic bell?  Tell me if you think other trailers should have been on the list.

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