Jun 21 2013


This Is The End

(This is my short review because I think many of you have seen it by now.)

Seth Rogen fans will love this latest film written by him and Evan Goldberg.  Baruchel, Franco, Robinson, Hill and McBride all play themselves (or how we imagine they might be like). As the title simply states, This IS the end, as these famous friends and frenemies try to find a way to survive together during an apocalypse.  The main plot of the film was friendship, emphasized by Seth and Jay’s struggle to stay close in light of celebrity success.  But the highlights of the film were Franco and McBride, Emma Watson’s short appearance, and Michael Cera stealing the first 15 minutes.  As insane as this film got, it still held it all together.  And even though there was some corny-ness towards the end, you couldn’t help but laugh at everything you saw.  Just when you thought it might slow down, BOOM, more cray-cray hit you from left field.  Plus, the homages to some old school movies made this a comedic charm.

Geek Soul Brother gives THIS IS THE END 4 out of 5 Cosmic Afros.4-Cosmic-Afros

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  1. mauricem1972

    With a cat like that no wonder is funny. Rogen alone makes me laugh.

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