Oct 24 2015

THE GREEN INFERNO – Those Cannibals Are Alright!



Going into this film, I expected to be left with disturbing images lingering in my mind for days. What I didn’t expect was leaving with thoughts of rain forest conservation, cultural perspectives of right and wrong, and adorable cannibal kids. Not to say there weren’t any disturbing images; I’ll never look at smoked ham the same again. But Roth skips some of the gore of the Italian cannibal films of the past for more of a story layered with some relevancy. The simple setup for this torture porn is that a group of young Americans get caught out in Peru with a tribe with specific culinary tastes. But then we go from slicing and dicing people to National Geographic moments, and then a little more slicing and dicing. Given the history of film, where indigenous people have been portrayed as the savage, Inferno gives you both sides of this imaginary tribe – the horrific and the humanizing. It was inventive to show the natives talking and laughing over a family meal, but instead of mom’s fried chicken and potato salad, it’s Johnny’s leg with some carrots, onions and a little dipping sauce on the side. Hannibal would have loved to have traded recipes. Scenery and cinematography were beautiful. And all the people that were of South American descent who worked on the pre- and post-production helped with the authenticity I’m sure. Not that I know what Peru looks like, but Roth’s intentions of shooting the film on location with real local citizens paid off. What didn’t pay off was the weak acting from some of the cast. It’s a horror film I know, but it doesn’t hurt to hope for some good dialogue delivery. Now the villagers that portrayed the cannibals? Spot on. I would not want to meet these fictional jungle dwellers, nor be within a thousand miles of them. Fans of Roth might want to see more Hostel like scenes, but I give him credit for bringing something more to what could have been a very shallow tale.  Geek Soul Brother gives it 3.25 out of 5 Cosmic Afros.


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