Sep 03 2013

Funky Q Review: UPSIDE DOWN (2012)

Here is another Review from my Funky Queue.  This is a fantasy/Sci-fi film that I’ve been waiting to see since last year.  A Romeo and Juliette story set between two adjacent worlds with their own unique gravity.  Everything from the upper world falls up, and everything from the lower world falls down.  This includes people.  But love still seems to be the strongest force in this universe.

Eden and Adam meet as kids.  They aren’t really suppose to talk to each other because there are laws that keep the inhabitants of the two worlds from interacting on a social level.  But as time passes, Eden and Adam fall for each other, as young people will do.  Unfortunately, an accident happens to Eden and they are separated for about 10 years.  Then Adam just happens to see Eden on TV working in a large corporation that uses resources, human and otherwise, from both worlds.  Adam concocts a plan to see Eden by disguising himself as a person from ‘above’.  Of course, that’s when things get hairy for him, and Eden if she can remember him.

If you watched the trailer, you can see why Geek Soul Brother was so intrigued by the story.  The visuals, and how writer/director Juan Solanas handled the representation of two unique and opposing gravitational fields actually surpassed my expectations.  The exploration of story and the struggles of the characters were fully realized.  And there was a strange suspense throughout the film where you felt like Adam could fall at any time, even though he was standing on solid ground.  Though I felt the ending unfolded into the realm of a children’s book, I still marveled at how this world, or worlds, were represented in such fantastic fashion.

Actors  Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst, and Timothy Spall felt like the right fit for these roles.  Dunst has been growing on me for the past few years, and so I can add this quaint role to my appreciation of her acting.  Blu Mankuma was decent as Adam’s mentor, Albert.

So yes, it ended a little too neatly, but the special effects and mind-bending environments should keep your attention and win your appreciation.

GEEK SOUL BROTHER gives UPSIDE DOWN 3.5+ out of 5 COSMIC AFROS.  For a younger audience, a 4/5 would be appropriate.


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  1. mauricem1972

    I was looking forward to this when I saw the premise, but the negative feedback scared me off. I’ll have to check this out if the mind-bending environment is what you say it it.

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