Mar 21 2015

Funky Q Review – THE SCRIBBLER (2014)



It looks like while Katie Cassidy was doing her thing on TV’s hit superhero show ARROW, she took a break to do a sort of Sci-fi, sort of superheroine film – THE SCRIBBLER.

Cassidy plays Suki, a patient that has Dissociative Identity Disorder; what we usually know as Multiple Personalities. Unfortunately she is also being questioned for the murders of several people.  Suki is a mess, but she has help.  Her doctor played by Billy Campbell (Helix) started her on a special treatment involving an experimental machine that can erase the extra personalities she’s dealing with.  And then there is the Scribbler, one of Suki’s personalities that doesn’t talk but writes backwards on everything.  The question is does the Scribbler write gibberish or is she trying to tell Suki something?



This film is a low budget feature that I don’t think I would have found if Netflix didn’t suggest it.  The tone of the film starts out a little weird and surreal.  And Cassidy is a little shaky at first  But then her character comes together as the film progresses and Suki interacts with other characters in the film.  The script has some halfway decent moments in the dialog with Suki’s friend Hogan delivering some comedic mirth. Garret Dillahunt played the role well with just the right amount of crazy and charm.

The whole film is told in flashback as Suki relates the story to the detectives that are detaining her.  She talks about the alleged murders which to her were suicides of other patients in her facility.  Suki also devulges that the machine that Dr, Sinclare had given her to erase her extra personalities was being modified by the Scribbler.  The detectives, one being a psychologist herself, find it hard to believe her story. Particularly when Suki talks about the machine having a crazy effects on her.

The film had a lot of ruff spots, but I give credit for the effort that director John Suits and writer Dan Schaffer made in producing a quirky film with good but lesser known talent.  Schaffer also created the graphic novel of the same name.  There was an interesting twist with a couple other patients in the facility.  They weren’t enough to put the film over the top in the ratings, but I liked what the creators were trying to do.  I also give some credit to the sex scene between Cassidy and Dillahunt.  It was just as surreal and weird as the rest of the film and It had an original flare to it.  So there’s that.

Geek Soul Brother gives THE SCRIBBLER 3 out of 5 Cosmic Afros.



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