Dec 05 2013

Funky Q Review: PONTYPOOL (2008)

PontypoolposterZombie films are great! But when filmmakers take things in a different direction, stories get even more interesting.  28 Days and The Crazies were about people infected with some virus, but they didn’t turn into zombies.  They just acted like them.  PONTYPOOL has stepped things up a notch with its interesting zombie-like concept.

The title refers to a small town in Ontario Canada where there’s a radio station.  Grant Mazzy (Stephen McHattie) is a radio host that’s on the other side of his waining career.  Sydney and Laural-Ann are the producer and technical assistant of the station that’s looking forward to working with the experienced radio personality, even though he’s a bit of a loose cannon.  They’re played by Lisa Houle and Georgina Reilly.

Though Grant has a passion for telling people about the ills of society, everything is going fine until they start to get strange reports from their field correspondent that mobs of people are attacking a building in town.  They are chanting something and going completely insane.  Some were even biting people.  Then Grant and Sydney hear helicopters and sirens over the channel, and after get cut off from their reporter Ken.

This minimalistic horror focuses on the three characters that are stuck in the radio station while their town starts to unhinge.  They come to a conclusion at first that it may be a virus making people go crazy.  But then they realize that it’s something more impossible when they are joined by a survivor of the deadly mobs.  Or is he a part of the crazy people?

This was a good horror feature that had a cool concept which I don’t want to spoil.  It also had a quirkiness and humor that added to the interest of the story.  You know it’s a good concept when you find yourself not wanting to do what the infected people in the film are doing.  I don’t know if I would have enjoyed it as much in the theater, but if definitely was a surprise treat for a Netflix stream.

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  1. Jamie

    I love this film. It is really clever, original, and way too funny.

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      I liked the originality too. I get tired of the same old Zombie stuff sometimes.

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