Jul 13 2012

Flashback Friday: WONDER WOMAN TV SERIES (1975 – 1979)

Since I featured the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN TV SERIES (1977) last week, and being that we have two Superhero films coming out this month, I decided to dedicate Flashback Friday this month to Superhero TV shows.  And today we celebrate one of the greatest of them all – WONDER WOMAN.

Diana is the pretty and pretty tough princess of Paradise Island, home of the Amazonian women.  After she wins a contest against her peers, she is sent to the outside world by her mother to check out what kind of society a crashed pilot, Major Steve Trevor (Lyle Waggoner), has come from.

She has trouble finding a way to fit into the 1940’s American society, but she has no qualms about showing her powers, especially her ability to block bullets with her wrist bracelets.  In the first episode she foils the plans of Nazi spies in the U.S., and takes on the secret identity of Military Secretary Yeoman Diana Prince.  Here is the intro of the second season after CBS acquired the show and updated the setting to a modern-day story:

Season Two Intro:


Most definitely the beautiful half-Mexican, half-Irish pageant winner, Linda Carter, was the prime reason young boys like me watched Wonder Woman, but it wasn’t the only reason.  I also enjoyed the way they brought her super-powers to life, with the leaps and strength moves, and especially the bracelet action.  Check out the Scene on Youtube that I consider, to this day, the hook that reeled me in.

And there is another reason I have a fondness for this classic show.  Linda Carter’s role allowed more female heroes  make their way into our movies and television shows.  The Bionic Woman, Ripley, Sarah Conner, She-Ra, Tomb-Raider, 7 of 9, Starbuck (the cuter one) and many more owe some part of their success to the iconic Wonder Woman that Carter brought to life.  Sadly, I have yet to see ANY Superheroine movie that can come close to doing justice to Wonder Woman or any other female hero character.  But keep tryin’ Hollywood, keep tryin’.

Wonder Woman: The Complete Collection

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