Jul 27 2012

Flashback Friday: THE FLASH TV SHOW (1990)

Today is the last Friday of this month.  Because of the two superhero films that came out – THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, I wanted to feature Superhero TV shows for July’s FLASHBACK FRIDAYS.  So lets wrap up this month’s series with a 90s show that hit Television like a flash… hmmm – THE FLASH.

John Wesley Shipp is Barry Allen, the guy that gets struck by lightning while in a chemical lab.  All of that mixes together and gives Allen superhuman speed.  STAR Labs scientist Tina McGee (Amanda Pays) helps Barry get his superhero game on by giving him a suit that can withstand high speeds.  Why was it bright red with a lightning bolt on the front?  Because he’s The Flash and that’s how he rolls.

When this live action version of The Flash debuted on TV back in 1990, it had been a while since television audiences had seen a comic book superhero on the boob tube.  Unfortunately, The Flash didn’t last but one season. Maybe it was those comic book colors that they used in some of the scenes.  I didn’t mind that, or the cheesy writing.  It was a show for kids, and many young adults now look back at The Flash and smile.  And if you have kids, rent the first disc (or buy the series for yourself) and see if it holds the same excitement it did for the earlier generation.  Here are the other TV Superhero Flashback Fridays Geek Soul Brother featured for this month – THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, WONDER WOMAN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

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