Sep 17 2016

Guest Film Review – DON’T BREATHE (2016)


REVIEW BY @BlerdWords Рblerdwords.com

(NO Spoiler)

Don’t breathe is a pretty good flick! There are enough shocks, twists, and turns to satisfy just about any suspense/thriller fan. It’s one of the best movies in this genre I’ve seen in a long while. What I found refreshing and kind of awesome was how the antagonist’s apparent “weakness” ends up giving him a great strength.

Stephen Lang as “the Blind Man” was believable and chilling. The others were ok, but Lang stole the show. While the majority of the film was in one location, you don’t feel a need to hurry up and leave. The flow of the picture was steady. It didn’t drag one bit up to the very end. The flick was dark as it should’ve been. It doesn’t fall in the trap that I’ve seen with similar films where it’s so dark you can’t see.

As our main characters are thieves that are willing to rob a blind veteran, I didn’t have too much sympathy for what happened to them. ¬†Strangely that fact actually seemed to allow me to enjoy the movie more.

As I am a Michigander, it was also rather cool that the backdrop for the flick was Detroit, Michigan. If you’re looking for a flick to see, Don’t Breathe is worth the few bucks for the theatre. I give Don’t Breathe 4.5 out of 5 COSMIC AFROS. I can admit that I probably was kinder than I needed to be, but it gets bonus points for its location…


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