Jan 30 2014

Fantasy Artist Dave Wilkins Interview

profile_dave_wilkins-d6v0xdk-1IN THIS EPISODE:

Fantasy artist Dave Wilkins has worked for DC Comics, Dark Horse, IDW, Marvel, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Capcom, and recently did a cover for Heavy Metal Magazine #265 that featured the first woman of African decent.  We were honored to have him on the show.  It was a great interview and Dave is a great person to know.  You can find Dave’s artwork at his Deviant Art Page dave-wilkins.deviantart.com.

  • Heavy-Metal-265-221x300How Dave started and taught himself art?

  • Who were his major influences?

  • What advice he had for beginning artists that want to teach themselves?





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  1. mauricem1972

    Very inspirational story Dave! It’s hard to believe the magazine took 30 years to show a black woman on the cover.

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      It is hard to believe. I wonder if it’s because they asked so few artist of color to submit, or just didn’t think about diversity in that way.

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