May 27 2012

New Scifi Series from Canada – CONTINUUM

Just got a heads up from my friend Jon in the Canadian north that a new Scifi show is airing tonight (Sunday) at 9pm.  CONTINUUM is about a Police officer by the name of Kiera Cameron from the year 2077 who gets transported back to the present day.  Think she’s going to help us catch criminals with her futuristic detective skill and her Cellular Memory Recall tech implanted in her brain?  Not exactly, because not only she, but 8 criminal terrorist were also transported from the future.  They call themselves Liber8 and they will stop at nothing to change their corporate controlled future to their liking.

According to the Official CONTINUUM site, Kiera teams up with a young technology whiz named Alec Sadler.  Then she finds a way to become part of the Vancouver Police (it is Canada) and teams up with Detective Carlos Fonnegra of the Special Investigations Unit.  Kiera’s goal is to stop the terrorist while finding a way to get back to her own future.

Cast of TV Series CONTINUUM

The setup is interesting, where Kiera has a different look at the law, being that she protects corporations in the future, where in present day law enforcement, it’s all about the citizen.  Well, at least it’s suppose to be.   Her and Fonnegra see things in a very different way.   But they are still cops, so protecting each other is still number one priority.

The show stars Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron, Victor Webster as Detective Fonnegra, and Erik Knudsen as boy genius Alec Sadler.  Also Roger R. Cross (CW’s ARROW) and Syfy channel veterans Lexa Doig (Stargate SG-1) and Jennifer Spence (Stargate Universe).

CONTINUUM begins tonight (May 27) at 9pm EST.  Maybe it will show up on Syfy on day.

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  1. Wayke

    Just watched the First episode of this show and it was great keep they need to keep it up got people from just about every sci fi show on tv ever some of the cast are not of main character roles from shows but still it was good, I WANT MOOOOOOAAAARRRRR!

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      I noticed there are a lot of Syfy veterans on the show too (from the website). I hope they show it in the states soon. Thanks for letting me know how it was Wayke. Feel free to report back on more episodes.

  2. sara tec

    ya vi el primer episodio y quede enganchada con la trama, buena serie para entretenerse, interesante.

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      Thanks Sara for letting me know that it was so engaging and entertaining. Let me know how it progresses if you keep watching.

  3. steff

    SO SHIT!!!!!! I really never seen this much shit

  4. SciFI Fan

    I just downloaded the first episode and it looks like a really fun show. Like a 2012 updated version of the 1990’s show “Time Trax” (same concept, future cop goes back in time to hunt escaped fugitives from the future). The cast looks cool, this could be a really fun show.

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      Time Trax!! I’m glad you reminded me of that SciFi Fan. I’ll have to go back and look at that again. Thanks for your comment!!

  5. jose

    WOW, WOW , WOW…. Hey I´ve just finished watching the first 2 episodes and it really surprise me to see that , until now the good guys are the bad guys and vice versa, I mean a world governed by Corporations is suppose to be good? I know the methods of the liber8 group are very extreme and violent but common guys, they are right about not letting Corporations slave the world. So I hoping and sure we are going to see a turn around of events on future episodes, where Kiera is going to realize that she is fighting for the wrong side.

    And if you think about it, this future of 2077 is already here, I mean for example 5 corporations are the owners of all the TV & Radio Stations and Film companies of all USA. Yes 5 corporations can control and manipulate the people opinion of USA right know. Scary isn´t it. So this Corporate Congress is already here.

    Here is a link for you to think about it:


    1. Geek Soul Brother

      I agree Jose, it is interesting that the bad guys are fighting for democracy. I wonder if the show will highlight any benefits of a corporate run world in the future, which is something we imagine is horrible. And yeah, Americans are getting all the same stuff in media because a few corporations control it. But that’s why people are turning to the internet for shows.. like Continuum. Thanks for your comment brother.

  6. Crazy Ivan

    Having obtained* the first two episodes so far, I have found the show to be solid sci-fi, likable, and generally watchable. It isn’t too far-fetched, has believable characters, and keeps enough secrets to keep me interested, and teases with the tech enough to make me want more. The pilot was great, and the second episode was a little weak, but still shows great potential and promise. For a new series right out of the gate, it impressed me a lot more than the first two seasons of “ST:TNG” did, and look how well that turned out! I agree with Jose that it seems off that the Fascist regime is seemingly being painted with a broad brush as the good guys, and the resistance movement is definitely getting the bad guy treatment, but then again, they are committing whole-sale murder every chance they get, and that’s only making the Corporate Government look good. Rachel Nichols’s character is clearly a ‘true believer’ in the system that she works for, but I bet that will change with time. The real problem will be how the hell the show can now paint the “good guys” mass-murdering resistance members as anything other than monsters a la Timothy McVeigh, especially since they are so calloused that not only do they take out buildings full of people in the future (their present), but are perfectly willing to risk altering the future with random murders in the past (our present) as well, and so far none of their current killing spree seems even remotely necessary outside of “they got in our way” POV, as in, pointless collateral damage of the inhuman kind. Only one member of the resistance group sent to the past seems even remotely like a dissenter from this murderous approach, and it will be interesting to see how he pans out in the grand scheme of things.
    Rachel Nichols has clearly slimmed down and worked out for this role (compared to her Orion [former] Slave Girl look in the Star Trek reboot movie), and shows that she has the acting cops to handle the role as well. The unspoken mystery of why the kid who is helping her, only to one day be the old man that allows her to accidentally get sent back should also be worth watching develop, as it would appear that he also has his (future) dirty little fingers in the government as well as the time travel tech that allows this disaster to occur. Hell, the kid & the smoking man even look alike enough to be believable as the young version/old version of each other! The Sci-Fi tech elements look very believable as well for 60+ years of tech development; wearable soft armor with the flexible OLED displays hidden within, heads-up contact lenses/implants [currently under development IRL!], and passive restraint tech (painful tracker injections into criminals that force them to willingly surrender to have the implants deactivated!), and the guns are still guns, not some fantastic raygun crap, even if they fold into themselves all Transformer-like. They still use tasers in the future? I’m okay with that.

    The one real McGuffin that stands out is the high-tech “orange” that allowed them to get sent into the past in the first place, and is now broken and disassembled. Not much is offered in the way of an explanation beyond the aspect of FTL particle physics and radical new atomic fusion technology that somehow interact with the “orange” device [size, shape, and “slices”, not color]. While incredible, it’s still acceptable; nothing really breaks suspension of disbelief here. Even her lying about who she is with a stolen cop ID gets called out in the second episode, so it’s nice to know that her new partners aren’t all morons. I wonder if the jealous co-worker will keep digging into the mystery agent’s past to find out more truth about her? Time will tell :)

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      Ivan, I think the Point-of-View of the characters is going to be crucial to how the show is written, at least from what you guys are saying. I’m glad they got a lot of the tech right. I’ll be looking at Continuum pretty soon because everybody is loving it so much. Thanks for the comment my brother, you really shed some light.

  7. Old Pinko

    I’ve only seen the first episode, but the fact that she’s basically working to enforce a Corporate Fascist government disturbed me right off the bat. We’re all supposed to be against terrorists in a Pavlovian response, but, as has been said many times, terrorism is the weapon of the weak and with a world wide Corporate Fascist government’s boot on everyone’s neck, terrorism might be the only weapon available.

    Of course, I’m not advocating terrorism as we don’t have the dire situation I’m describing above.

    The show is very well done and attractive to watch. However, with, as said above, only five corporations owning all of the major media in the USA, corporate “personhood” and the other trends, the underlying premise is disturbing.

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      I think that’s the beauty of the overall premise, that the horror of corporations taking over as government is very palpable. And that is the only life that the main character Kiera is used to. Now is she going to change her loyalties and political views as the show goes on? If she does, then how will she bring herself to stop the terrorist from changing the future? I like the warnings and perspectives that the writers have setup for the audience. Thanks for your comment Old Pinko!

  8. Carl Crowell

    Looks like a perfect show that displays the various ways that graphene can be used! Graphene was discovered in 2004 and is the material that can change the way we live in dramatic ways. From Kiera’s implants, her special suit, to the transformer type gun, all perfect examples of what graphene can do.

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