Apr 24 2016

ComiGamAni Interview: Russ Emanuel, A Curious Creative

For April’s episode of ComiGamAni, The Nerdy Venoms interviewed filmmaker Russ Emanuel.

Occupants Russ Director

I first met Russ at 2016 FarpointCon in Baltimore where I saw his genre-blending film Occupants. This scifi/horror story of parallel worlds kept me on the edge of my seat (and for all of you familiar with my film reviews, you know this is quite the feat!). I was also impressed with Russ’s take on the found footage aesthetic and his world building around one…well…two strong female characters!

After the Q & A, I took a moment to talk with Russ about the big ‘what next’ for Occupants. When Russ shared that he was working on a comic book tie in for the film, my blerdy sense alerted me that Russ was not only a filmmaker, but also a ‘curious creative.’

Real Vs Comic Final

The ‘curious’ of curious creative signifies not only the intellectual curiosity of an artist, but just how intriguing it is for that artist to break into a new medium. In previous ComiGamAni shows, we discussed curious creatives like Erika Alexander (acting to comics), Christy Marx (animation to game development), and Ta-Nehesi Coates (journalism to Black Panther!). In fact, the very first interview on ComiGamAni was with Legend of the Mantamaji‘s Eric Dean Seaton, who is best known for his work as a writer and director in television.

So check out Episode 273–our interview with Russ Emanuel and get inside the mind of a curious creative. Hear Russ describe his creative process and collaboration with comics artist Dave Beaty in a different type of visual storytelling. And while you’re at it check out the details of Russ’s very successful IndieGoGo for the Occupants comic book tie in.

Stay curious!

The Shadow Scout

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