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Jan 10 2018

Hero 101 : Who is Black Lightning?


Black Lightning is a new series set to begin in January on the CW. Let’s take a quick look at who Black Lightning is. Black Lightning is a black superhero that made his debut in DC comics in 1977. Besides being one of DCs first black superheroes, he was also the first black character to star …

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Nov 15 2017

Dragon Con Tales (part 2)

Part 2 of my trip to Dragon Con photo diary focuses on the parade. The Dragon Con parade is something that you just have to experience. As I said in part one, I was suffering from sensory overload during my Dragon Con weekend. There was so much to see. So downtown Atlanta shuts down several …

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Sep 21 2017

Dragon Con Tales (part 1)

Gender Bender Wonder Woman- warrior cosplay

This year I had the opportunity to spend several days in Atlanta, Georgia to attend Dragon Con. The experience did not disappoint. If you’ve never been, basically its “Nerdigras” Dragon Con is four days of various sci-fi and fantasy fans taking over downtown Atlanta. The streets are filled with Whovians, anime, TV and movie fans, …

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Apr 29 2017

Mensa Mind Games: Bringing Your A+ Game

Resized_2017 winners

Today marks the fifth anniversary of International Tabletop Day, a day devoted to the playful discovery and fun of board games. To get in the gaming holiday spirit, I recently had a chance to get a behind the scenes look at the 2017 Mensa Mind Games. An annual event for American Mensa members since 1990, Mind …

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Jun 27 2016

Film Review: THE SHALLOWS: Buoy Meets Girl, and Gull

shallows shark bird

The tide is high but I’m holdin’ on / I’m gonna be your number one / I’m not the kind-a girl who gives up just like that, oh no  -Opening Lyrics to “The Tide is High”, Blondie (1980) In “The Shallows,” Blake Lively takes to the screen as Nancy, a down and out med student …

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May 12 2016



  I’m not a gamer, but I love the concepts of many games that are out there. I don’t really know much about Assassin’s Creed, but all my game buddies seem to love the series.  And now we have the first trailer of the film that Michael Fassbender is starring in.  It looks pretty good, …

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Jan 01 2016


SWFB Poster

  NO SPOILER REVIEW (PART 1) STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS – The franchise is back on track! I think that was the biggest concern among long time fans of the original They still have a little bit further to go to instill the franchise fully into hearts of a new generation, but J.J. Abrams did …

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Dec 25 2015

Is Deadpool Going To Be One Of The Best Superhero Film of 2016?

DP FB Poster

The competition is going to be high among all the Superhero films coming out next year.  A total of six will be heading to the silver screens between February and November.  So far we’ve seen trailers for five of those films released, including some second trailers.  And that’s where my questioning comes in. Will Deadpool be …

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Aug 29 2015


SOC 01

  So let me get this out of the way first: I didn’t listen to NWA at all.  It wasn’t because I was against gangster rap.  I didn’t listen to much rap at all.  In fact, I didn’t go out of my way to listen to any music for the most part.  The last ablums …

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Aug 20 2015

Trailer Jive: AIR (2015)

This film actually came out a week ago as a limited release (Aug 14th).  But since I haven’t seen anyone talk about it, I figure I might as well post the trailer for those of you that haven’t had the pleasure.  I haven’t seen the film myself.  If I’m not patient enough to wait until …

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