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Feb 16 2016

“No Mekhi, It’s Not A Game” PANDEMIC Trailer (2016)


  Say you have infected people trying to take your head off with their bare hands, or with any nearby hand tool that they have the where-with-all to grab. That doesn’t sound like a game to me. But that’s the advice that Mekhi Phifer seems okay with giving in this trailer of PANDEMIC.  The mission:go …

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Feb 15 2016

Trailer Jive – IDENTICALS (2016)


I’m not sure what’s going on with the story in the trailer, but the film looks like a cool and well shot science fiction. The main character wants a new life, so he checks out a company called Brand New-U.  They find people that look like you, talk and walk like you, but are living …

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Feb 12 2016

Raising Dion – Parenting The Super-powered!

We’ve seen thousands of superheroes and villains in comics and their films.  We’ve even seen super kids off and on. But how many times have we seen someone parenting a kid with superpowers?  Sure there was Reed and Sue of the Fantastic Four with their kids. Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops tried to parent his alternate …

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Feb 11 2016

THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR Trailer Is Almost As Scary As Our Own Election Year!


  Frank Grillo is Back as our alternative Punisher, version Lite.  He was captivating in THE PURGE: ANARCHY in which he turned from vigilante to hero. He’s not as muscly as the fictional Punisher, but the long coat and guns in each hand stirred up some Frank Castle memories. All he needed was the skull. And …

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Feb 08 2016

The Superbowl 50 X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Hooked Me In!

Most of the initial trailers for the 5 out of 6 Superhero films out this year didn’t dazzle me.  Captain America: Civil War had me most excited – with the Ironman / Winter Solder fighting and the Black Panther kicking.  The Deadpool one had me laughing, but that was it.  Superman v Batman? Ummm, it …

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Jan 06 2016

Syfy Continues To Get Serious With 400 DAYS (2016)


  The Syfy channel is continuing its climb back to the top of the mountain of Sci-Fi production with its first entry into the theatrical realm with their film – 400 Days.  For almost 2 years the network has been making major moves to present interesting and respectable science fiction and fantasy shows and mini-series. …

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Dec 25 2015

Is Deadpool Going To Be One Of The Best Superhero Film of 2016?

DP FB Poster

The competition is going to be high among all the Superhero films coming out next year.  A total of six will be heading to the silver screens between February and November.  So far we’ve seen trailers for five of those films released, including some second trailers.  And that’s where my questioning comes in. Will Deadpool be …

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Oct 24 2015

Jessica Jones Trailer – Evil Tennant and a little Luke Lovin’

Jones trailer poster

  We have had several teasers for the second Marvel / Netflix series premiering November 20th.  Where we saw the rise of a superhero in Daredevil, this trailer hints at how Jessica did horrible things while in the will-bending clutches of Killgrave, also known as the Purple Man in Marvel comics.  We also get to …

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Sep 23 2015

A Christmas Horror Story – A bad film full of things you love!

What makes a bad horror film good?  It’s filled with things that you would love to see but no one in their right minds would include in a serious film.  Well A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY has several things that make it a potentially great-bad horror film.  Krampus, Zombie elves, a rarely seen whole black family, …

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Aug 20 2015

Trailer Jive: AIR (2015)

This film actually came out a week ago as a limited release (Aug 14th).  But since I haven’t seen anyone talk about it, I figure I might as well post the trailer for those of you that haven’t had the pleasure.  I haven’t seen the film myself.  If I’m not patient enough to wait until …

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