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Apr 05 2012

The Nerd Couch: What Would Parents Do for Their Kids?

ONCE UPON A TIME continues to amaze me with their portrayal of family drama, particularly parenthood.  They reinforces the ongoing theme of parents trying to do right by their children, but paying a hard price for it.  The show’s pilot began with Snow White and Prince Charming trying to save their baby daughter from the Evil …

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Mar 20 2012

The Nerd Couch: WALKING DEAD teaches Don't Become Your Enemy!

(SPOILERS FOR WALKING DEAD AND ONCE UPON A TIME.) I’m taking a lesson from this past Sunday’s WALKING DEAD and ONCE UPON A TIME.  In ONCE, Snow White previously took a potion that erased the aching love she had for Prince Charming.  Without that love, her heart grows colder until she comes to the conclusion …

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Feb 20 2012

The Nerd Couch: The Physics Of Fear

Sometimes fear gets the best of us.  It stops us from doing things or talking to people or achieving our goals.  Most of the time it stops us from being our best, whether that be the best nerd we can be, or anything else. A key component of fear is the unknown.  Not knowing what’s …

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Dec 31 2011

The Nerd Couch: Make a New Year's ReVolution!

This year, instead of making a New Year’s Resolution, Start a New Year’s REVOLUTION.   TURN things around for yourself, FIGHT against the tides of life, so that you can shape your own.  (Get it, revolution, turn, fight…  sigh… I’m so clever). The nerds I know are smart, creative people.  They constantly want to build, …

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Nov 14 2011


Funny little video I found.  It caught my attention since it had 2/3 of my title.  And it’s correct, this IS how we think, and geeks DO try to solve the problems around them.  At least what they perceive to be problems.  That part gets us in trouble every now and then. [youtube=] We get …

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Nov 10 2011


We nerds (or geeks or whatever) have a lot of things that set us apart from the norm.  Sometimes it’s our obsessive collecting of things, comics, fantasy swords etc.  Sometimes it’s our unique fashion style (unique, ha).  But one thing that sets us apart, and gets us in trouble, is our sense of superiority. Don’t …

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Sep 22 2011

The Nerd Couch: NERD COURAGE!

I was pondering the situations that geeks and nerds get into, with their social ups and downs, and I came to a sudden thought: Nerds have a lot of Courage! Not the kind of courage that lets you ball up your ‘chess hand’ and makes you punch the school quarterback in the face, though that …

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