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Feb 27 2016

#SaturdayNightSciFi Shorts Playlist!


For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been doing a Twitter event called #SaturdayNightSciFi for over a year. It’s when a bunch of us science fiction loving nerds get together and watch / Live Tweet a film or TV show that I usually pick from Netflix, Hulu or some other streaming source.  For this …

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Feb 19 2016

Powder’s Little Brother? – Midnight Special Trailer (2016)

Country folk and Half Alien kids?  That’s just my guess as to what MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is all about.  The little kid with the glowing eyes (Jaeden Lieberher) may not have anything to do with aliens. He may just be on some X-Men mutant gene stuff.  Either way, this has a vibe that makes me want …

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Feb 15 2016

Trailer Jive – IDENTICALS (2016)


I’m not sure what’s going on with the story in the trailer, but the film looks like a cool and well shot science fiction. The main character wants a new life, so he checks out a company called Brand New-U.  They find people that look like you, talk and walk like you, but are living …

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Sep 20 2015

#SaturdayNightSciFi – Where The Geeks Watch It All

Have you ever Live Tweeted a Movie or TV show?  You might not even know what that is if you have never been on twitter.  Well, millions of us twitter users do it.  And many of us host our own live tweet. It’s when you and many others watch something at the same time and …

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Aug 20 2015

Trailer Jive: AIR (2015)

This film actually came out a week ago as a limited release (Aug 14th).  But since I haven’t seen anyone talk about it, I figure I might as well post the trailer for those of you that haven’t had the pleasure.  I haven’t seen the film myself.  If I’m not patient enough to wait until …

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Jul 28 2015

Film Review – Pixels: Groan of Arcadia


Review By Lakita – a.k.a. @artshumana A movie like “Pixels” is usually a recipe for easy money in Hollywood’s summer cookbook: A tale with a crisp premise and a juicy, nostalgic core. (Do watch the animated short film that inspired Pixels by French director Jean Patrick). Unfortunately what Pixels actually cooks up really leaves a bad …

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Jul 25 2015

GSB Film Review – ANT-MAN (2015)

AM poster 2015

  This film could have gone in so many directions, and most of them would have been bad.  Fortunately, Marvel’s newest cinematic debut found a soft spot to land between action, comedy, and the hero’s journey.  It wasn’t an over the top film in any way, but I left the theater satisfied.  And considering how …

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Jul 02 2015

Terminator Genisys: Not Another Bad Creation

Terminator 5 poster

A Review by @Artshumana – Terminator Genisys proves the franchise, much like Skynet, is very self-aware! The film respectfully anchors itself in the James Cameron playbook as a continuation tale with breadcrumbs to remind weary fans “Genisys” is not a clunky reboot going through the wilderness. (In one scene, when Sarah Connor speaks Kyle Reese …

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May 23 2015

GSB Film Review: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (2015)

Mad Max Fury Poster

  This was an updated yet classic Mad Max film. The story finds Mad Max caught between a ruthless clan leader called Immortan Joe and his pursuit of a group of women lead by Imperitor Furiosa who fight to escape his clutches. Tom Hardy was good.  Though he didn’t loose himself in this role as …

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Apr 28 2015

GSB Film Review: EX MACHINA (2015)

  Story – A young programmer is invited by his genius billionaire boss to test out a new and experimental Artificial Intelligence in the form of Ava, an advanced android. The first thing you might notice about the film is how stylish it was shot. It opens with a quick and self-explanatory scene of our main …

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