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Oct 29 2015

Shadow Scout commentary: Jem and The Holograms – Story’s Reimagining Lacks ‘STEAM’

Holo2015 Poster

While the rest of the world was celebrating a geek milestone–10/21/15 aka Back to the Future Day, I was cautiously anticipating another: 10/23/15, the premiere of the “Jem and the Holograms” live action movie. Back in the day, “Jem” was my everything! This movie has been a point of contention in for fans of the …

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Oct 24 2015

THE GREEN INFERNO – Those Cannibals Are Alright!


  Going into this film, I expected to be left with disturbing images lingering in my mind for days. What I didn’t expect was leaving with thoughts of rain forest conservation, cultural perspectives of right and wrong, and adorable cannibal kids. Not to say there weren’t any disturbing images; I’ll never look at smoked ham …

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Jul 28 2015

Film Review – Pixels: Groan of Arcadia


Review By Lakita – a.k.a. @artshumana A movie like “Pixels” is usually a recipe for easy money in Hollywood’s summer cookbook: A tale with a crisp premise and a juicy, nostalgic core. (Do watch the animated short film that inspired Pixels by French director Jean Patrick). Unfortunately what Pixels actually cooks up really leaves a bad …

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Jul 25 2015

GSB Film Review – ANT-MAN (2015)

AM poster 2015

  This film could have gone in so many directions, and most of them would have been bad.  Fortunately, Marvel’s newest cinematic debut found a soft spot to land between action, comedy, and the hero’s journey.  It wasn’t an over the top film in any way, but I left the theater satisfied.  And considering how …

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Jul 02 2015

Terminator Genisys: Not Another Bad Creation

Terminator 5 poster

A Review by @Artshumana – Terminator Genisys proves the franchise, much like Skynet, is very self-aware! The film respectfully anchors itself in the James Cameron playbook as a continuation tale with breadcrumbs to remind weary fans “Genisys” is not a clunky reboot going through the wilderness. (In one scene, when Sarah Connor speaks Kyle Reese …

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Jun 27 2015

GSB Film Review: DOPE (2015)


  DOPE‬ is a film that Black Nerds have been waiting for since… ever! The idea of Urkel representing the complexity of being a nerd and black is a true misrepresentation of the brothers and sisters of geekdom. Especially if you add the element of being in a rough neighborhood.   The story launches into that …

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Jun 09 2015

GSB Film Review: INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 (2015)


  Welcome to the 3rd chapter of what I call the new Goosebumps franchise.  Why call it that?  Because the Insidious series actually has a PG-13 rating.  Many people forgot that when they reviewed the first film.  But I could tell from the jump that the film was for a younger generation because the demon looked …

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May 29 2015

GSB Film Review: POLTERGEIST (2015)


  Why would you try and remake Poltergeist?  I mean, why would you try to remake any Spielberg film?  Just name one film that he has done that would make you say “Yeah, they should remake that one cause Spielberg didn’t quite get it right.”  Yet they went ahead and did it anyway.  The 2015 …

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Dec 14 2014

GSB Film Review: TOP FIVE (2014)


  You would think a romantic comedy that deals with the pressures of fame, family, alcoholism and unpaid prostitutes would be too much to fit into a film and actually work. But writer / director Chris Rock packs it all together nicely in his new film – TOP FIVE. Andre Allen is an international star …

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Nov 30 2014



    When I first heard about The Hunger Games I didn’t know it was a teen book series. I leave that kind of important information to my fellow geek and avid reader Shumara a.k.a. @Illumeenous and other book geeks like her. My first thought of the original film was that it must be a …

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