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Sep 23 2016

Interview with Roger Cross – Six on Dark Matter


  In this episode we talk to the highly versatile Roger Cross. who plays Six on Dark Matter, and who we call the Hardest working Man in SciFi TV. Mr. Cross has had a long career appearing on Television and in films. Many of which were part of the science fiction genre. Here is a …

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Jun 22 2016

Interview With JOSEPH MALLOZZI – Showrunner of Syfy’s DARK MATTER

Joseph Mallozzi Dubious

In this episode we talk to Joseph Mallozzi, one of the creators and Showrunner of the hit Syfy TV series Dark Matter, and writer / Exec. Producer of Stargate SG1, Atlantis and Stargate Universe.  We talked about his work on season 1 of Dark Matter and how he came up with the story, characters, and his process. …

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May 05 2016

Interview With MICHELLE LOVRETTA – Creator of KILLJOYS


In this episode we were overjoyed to have Michelle Lovretta stop by the show. She is the creator of Lost Girl and the current Syfy show Killjoys. Michelle talked about her writing process and how she comes up with her characters and the worlds they live in.  She also talked about creating female leads like Bo …

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Apr 24 2016

ComiGamAni Interview: Russ Emanuel, A Curious Creative

Occupants Russ Director

For April’s episode of ComiGamAni, The Nerdy Venoms interviewed filmmaker Russ Emanuel. I first met Russ at 2016 FarpointCon in Baltimore where I saw his genre-blending film Occupants. This scifi/horror story of parallel worlds kept me on the edge of my seat (and for all of you familiar with my film reviews, you know this is …

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Apr 12 2016

GSBPodcast: Marc Okrand – Man of Many Geek Words


Who doesn’t love a good geek holiday? (October 21, 2015–Always and Forever!). For Star Trek fans, “First Contact Day” is observed on April 5th. According to Trek lore, Efram Cochrane became the first human to pilot an aircraft at warp speed and make first contact with an alien race (Vulcans!) on April 5, 2063. So it was …

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Apr 07 2016


Legend Cipher

Episode #269 Legend Of The Cipher: A Game Of Hip-Hop. As a former gamer and nerd, I’ve always had a love of gaming. From my early years spending afternoons in the arcade to my first time beating Super Mario on my Nintendo; nothing can match the rush of adrenaline when you master a level that …

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Feb 12 2016

Interview With Illustrator AFUA RICHARDSON

Afua Richardson 01

She is a writer, musician, singer, voice over actress and more. But in our nerdy circles she is best known for being an illustrator and comic artist of Top Cow’s Genius and several others . AFUA RICHARDSON was kind enough to grace our podcast and give an insightful interview on our monthly ComiGamAni episode.  Afua …

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Jan 27 2016

Badass Ladies of Podcasting

nerdgasm Noir logo

I’ve mentioned on this blog that I listen to a lot of podcasts. Many of them are hosted by awesome women that are nerdy, intelligent and outspoken on many diverse topics. I have learned plenty from these ladies about the things that black nerdy woman care about and go through. So it was my honor …

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Sep 06 2015

Writer, Director, and Comic Creator ERIC DEAN SEATON – LEGEND OF THE MANTAMAJI


This was a special episode of the Geek Soul Brother And The Nerdy Venoms podcast.  It was the inagural episode of the Comics, Games and Anime show put together by The Private, MDawg, Toby-Wan Kenobi and Lord Dalek.  They affectionately entitled the monthly show – COMIGAMANI And to make this episode even more special the …

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Dec 30 2014

A List of Black Nerd Podcasts

I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts. I’ve always had an appreciation for the spoken word.  I love to hear all kinds, but there’s some things that I can genuinely relate to when listening to a so-called Black Nerd podcast. The special humor and cultural references make them particularly entertaining. I’m starting this list with …

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