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Sep 17 2016

Guest Film Review – DON’T BREATHE (2016)


REVIEW BY @BlerdWords – (NO Spoiler) Don’t breathe is a pretty good flick! There are enough shocks, twists, and turns to satisfy just about any suspense/thriller fan. It’s one of the best movies in this genre I’ve seen in a long while. What I found refreshing and kind of awesome was how the antagonist’s apparent …

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Jul 20 2016

Concert Review: John Carpenter: Live Retrospective

Lincoln Theater after John Carpenter Show

John Carpenter: The Man, The Synth, The Legend When most people think of John Carpenter, the focus often shifts to his work as a director. After all, Carpenter has made a career of filming distinctive thrillers, killers, and chillers. [For the public record, this blogger’s John Carpenter Top 5: “They Live”, “Starman”, “Big Trouble in …

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Apr 01 2016

New Trailer – “LIGHTS OUT”… Nah Yo! I’ll Pay the Electric Bill

This is a bold statement I’m about to make, but I think James Wan is close to being my new John Carpenter.  Wait, you don’t know who John Carpenter is?  Halloween, The Fog, They Live?  He was a master horror and quirky film director that blew up in the 80s.  He’s one of my all …

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Mar 12 2016

It’s A Year Of Versus! The Ring vs. The Grudge


This is the year of the Versus! We have Batman v Superman, Avengers vs Avengers, Mutants vs Mutants, and Villains vs Villains.  So why should we not have a versus that dives head first into the Japanese supernatural horror genre like, I don’t know, The Ring vs The Grudge? Enter SADAKO VS KAYAKO.  That’s right, …

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Oct 24 2015

THE GREEN INFERNO – Those Cannibals Are Alright!


  Going into this film, I expected to be left with disturbing images lingering in my mind for days. What I didn’t expect was leaving with thoughts of rain forest conservation, cultural perspectives of right and wrong, and adorable cannibal kids. Not to say there weren’t any disturbing images; I’ll never look at smoked ham …

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Sep 23 2015

A Christmas Horror Story – A bad film full of things you love!

What makes a bad horror film good?  It’s filled with things that you would love to see but no one in their right minds would include in a serious film.  Well A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY has several things that make it a potentially great-bad horror film.  Krampus, Zombie elves, a rarely seen whole black family, …

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Jun 09 2015

GSB Film Review: INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 (2015)


  Welcome to the 3rd chapter of what I call the new Goosebumps franchise.  Why call it that?  Because the Insidious series actually has a PG-13 rating.  Many people forgot that when they reviewed the first film.  But I could tell from the jump that the film was for a younger generation because the demon looked …

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May 29 2015

GSB Film Review: POLTERGEIST (2015)


  Why would you try and remake Poltergeist?  I mean, why would you try to remake any Spielberg film?  Just name one film that he has done that would make you say “Yeah, they should remake that one cause Spielberg didn’t quite get it right.”  Yet they went ahead and did it anyway.  The 2015 …

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Feb 18 2015

Trailer Jive: CRIMSON PEAK (2015)

Crimson Peak Banner

“GHOSTS ARE REAL, THIS MUCH I KNOW”  Nice way to start off a trailer. But then again it’s Guillermo del Toro so I expect nothing less.  His newest creepy adventure is coming this October – CRIMSON PEAK.  Also, we finally get a chance to see Tom Hiddleston out of his role as the our favorite …

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Feb 13 2015

Trailer Jive: WYRMWOOD – ROAD OF THE DEAD (2015)

Wyrmwood Zombie Whisperer

  I don’t know what it is about this trailer, but I’ve watched it several times and it makes me laugh a little each time. It doesn’t look great, but I’m guessing film has it’s moments.  Australia has been putting out some interesting and successful horror in the past decade, so I’m always willing to give something from …

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