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Sep 06 2011

5 People that are a Little OLDER than GEEK SOUL BROTHER!

Geek Soul Brother might be relatively old to some of you younger geek brothers and sisters, but he ain’t the OLDEST cat around.  Here are a few fellas in Sci-fi that are older than yours truly.  But maybe not by much. YODA – 900 years old (STAR WARS) – Lets start with this youngster YODA. …

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Aug 27 2011


Def: an unscrupulous and ruthless subordinate, especially a criminal. Some villains do it alone.  But others need a little help.  A cheering section, an extra hand.  They are called The Henchman.  Loyal second-in-commands, they do the jobs that the Boss doesn’t have time for.  But in the end, the payment for this unquestioning loyalty is one – usually he or she …

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Aug 15 2011

TEN CRAZY A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

You know who they are!  Advance computers with new found self-awareness, the emotional stability of a drunk high-wire circus act, and probably in full control of your nukes and/or the air supply on your spaceship .  Sometimes they’re good, and sometimes you have to pull their memory chips, but these Artificially Intelligent computers have served …

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May 08 2011

Best Mothers of Sci-Fi

Happy Mother’s Day to all the geek and non-geek mothers out there. Mothers go through so much.  Childbirth, crying kids, cupcakes, birthday parties, runny noses, sad days and happy days.  But most handle it with love and tenderness.  I know my mother did. Being a black kid that had a propensity for daydreaming and a …

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