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May 09 2013

Afro Commentary: Why Mass Effect is One of the Greatest Overlooked Sci-fi Dramas of This Generation

It has been a long time coming – too damn long if you ask me – but the Private has been promoted to Commander… at least for the time being while playing the Mass Effect series. As a latecomer to the game franchise, I have seen the memes, the great cosplay and read the dissension …

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Mar 22 2013

Afro Commentary: Geeks Don’t Let Friends Name Their Kids Ridiculous Things

We’re friends, right? The Private has never steered you wrong on things before, right? Of course I haven’t. Good! Now that we have that settled, I have something important we need to discuss; especially if you plan to have children with your geek soul mate. I recently read an article on Kotaku regarding a Japanese …

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Jun 13 2012

Geek Soul Brother Live Ep. 15- E3 Game Review

I got together this past weekend with my buddies, Jon The Private, TobyWanKenobi and MDawg, and we discussed the highlights of the Electronics Entertainment Expo or The E3 Expo. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO EP. 15: E3 GAME REVIEW – Or you can just visit My Page at and click on Ep.15. I was the novice …

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May 24 2012

A SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS MOVIE? Josh Trank Directing? Cool is reporting that Sony Pictures has brought on Josh Trank to direct SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS – the movie.  I was glad to hear they were even making one. It’s based on that classic video game where you have to take down towering giants.  I’m not a gamer as some of you might know, but I …

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Dec 11 2011


A friend passed this along.  TRANSFORMER: FALL OF CYBERTRON looks to be an awesome game.  I’m not a gamer, so I probably won’t be playing this, but I am a lover of Transformers (most of the time).  Check out the awesomeness at the end…   [youtube=]   I will wait next year for the verdict …

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Aug 24 2011

Fan Made 'PORTAL' Movie – Done Right!

Thanks Jon for posting this on FB.  And thanks IO9 for featuring it on your site.  This is exactly why I’m interested in filmmaking.  Given the time and talent, anyone can make Sci-Fi films like this: [youtube=] I don’t know where these guys are at professionally, but they are pretty good at what they do.  And …

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