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Jan 29 2013


This was a better stash than last week.  BATMAN: DARK KNIGHT RETURNS PART 2 alone makes it a descent collection to check out (I included Part 1 also). There are Two classics – FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR and WHITE ZOMBIE, an indie – ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE, and Adam Sandler’s CG Animation HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA.  Remember, …

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Jan 27 2013

Sunday Sci-Fi: BACK TO THE FUTURE (1985)

I know that I don’t have to tell you 80s kids about the 1985 classic – BACK TO THE FUTURE!  But tell me this, has your family seen it?  That is, if you have some. I’m all about putting people onto old classic Sci-fi, fantasy and horror stuff.  And Sunday is a great day for …

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Jan 22 2013


It’s really tough pickings for DVDs out this week.  Not too much on the Science Fiction and Fantasy front.  But there is END OF WATCH, the classic Stephen King Movie CUJO on Blu-ray, and  (though I didn’t get a chance to see it) – Hara Kiri – Death of a Samurai, which looked pretty interesting from …

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Jan 21 2013


  Marlon Wayans makes a ‘scary movie’ of his own with co-star Essence Atkins in A HAUNTED HOUSE.  They play a suburban couple, Malcolm and Kisha, that decide to live together in Malcolm’s home.  Everything is all sweet and happy for the couple.  Kisha ain’t in the mood at first to Malcolm’s regret and frustration.  There …

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Jan 09 2013

GSB Flashback: DEAD HEAT 1988

In the 80s, Treat Williams wasn’t that serious an actor, or rather, he was serious about being silly in the roles he played.  Even more silly was Joe Piscopo, who came from the ranks of a very early Saturday Night Live (where did the muscles come from?).  Put these guys in a movie where they …

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Jan 02 2013

Trailer Jive: SCARY MOVIE 5

i know you geeks have been waiting for this one.  That was a joke.  But hey, some of you might be real SCARY MOVIE fans.  If that’s the case, then here you go… SCARY MOVIE 5 Stars Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Tisdale, Charlie Sheen and Katt Williams.   Directed by Malcolm D. Lee, written by David Zucker and Pat Proft. The film scares its way …

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Dec 28 2012

The First 4 Minutes of WARM BODIES Movie

First I thought, ‘Oh, No, a Zombie version of TWILIGHT!’.  But that was before I saw the first trailer.  Since then, this film  has definitely been placed on my Watch List for 2013.  This First Four Minutes trailer just puts an extra check-mark next to WARM BODIES on the list…. Even just from the little …

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Dec 25 2012

The GSB Film Review – THIS IS 40

Judd Apatow isn’t a run of the mill comedy writer/director.  He’s more of a storyteller that wants to look at issues in life that are personal to him, but find the humor or irony in them also.  He’s written plenty of comedies like PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, DON’T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN and WALK HARD: THE DEWEY …

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Dec 09 2012

Trailer Jive: THE CROODS

Here’s a fun trailer for a Sunday afternoon.  Dreamworks has a film coming out called THE CROODS.  A caveman and his family have to go on a journey when their safe cave is destroyed.  Dad is very cautious, but his daughter Eep is starting to see the possibilities the world has to offer.  Especially when …

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Nov 10 2012

Trailer Jive: WARM BODIES (2013)

First we had Teen Vampire romance, then we had Teen Wolf romance, and now we have Teen Zombie romance.  And you know what?  This looks cuter and quirkier than the other two combined.  But that still doesn’t mean it’s good. Jonathan Levine writes and directs a story about a zombie boy who craves more than a …

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