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Jul 02 2013


Bruce Lee was the universal martial arts master that appealed to everyone.  But if you were a black kid growing up in the sixties and seventies, there was another martial artist that you probably connected with a even more that Lee – JIM KELLY. It amazes me sometimes to see how little the mainstream geek …

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Jun 11 2013

#GSBQOTW – What Book(s) Would You Want HBO to Make into a Show?

In light of HBO’s GAME OF THRONES (concluding it’s third season this past Sunday) I thought a new series on the network would be a good theme for my GEEK SOUL BROTHER QUESTION OF THE WEEK.  So What Book(s) would you love to see HBO produce into a series?  I asked my GSB Family on …

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May 29 2013

"The Day I Hijacked the GSB Podcast" – by Big Baba Rob of The Black Geeks

Last night we had some technical difficulties on my podcast – Geek Soul Brother n’ the 5 Nerdy Venoms.  But instead of recording dead, yet deafening silence, our friend and guest – Big Baba Rob, host and compadre of podcasting from THE BLACK GEEKS, took up the waining torch that was the mic, and breathed …

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May 09 2013

Afro Commentary: Why Mass Effect is One of the Greatest Overlooked Sci-fi Dramas of This Generation

It has been a long time coming – too damn long if you ask me – but the Private has been promoted to Commander… at least for the time being while playing the Mass Effect series. As a latecomer to the game franchise, I have seen the memes, the great cosplay and read the dissension …

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Apr 23 2013

Afro-Commentary – Did X-Men: First Class Kill the Wrong Guy?

(Spoilers for Marvel films, Spiderman and X-Men films.) It seems that the more recent Marvel movies  (and by that I mean any movie based on Marvel characters) have valued the presence of a ‘Likable’ Black Male Actor.  In IRON MAN 2, Don Cheadle had a major part in the story.  Idris Elba also had a …

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Apr 17 2013

Afro Commentary: Loving the Art, Hating the Artist

Fairly recently, DC Comics asked acclaimed science fiction writer Orson Scott Card to be part of a new digital first Superman title, Adventures of Superman, which would feature one-off stories featuring the last son of Krypton. Many cried foul in response due to Cards well known stance on homosexuality and same-sex marriages. It even lead …

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Apr 14 2013

Farewell to a Wonderful Geek Mom

Mothers can be a wonderful part of life.  Especially growing up.  And especially growing up with odd interest in science and fiction and other eccentricities.  But when you had a mother that supported you, and encouraged you to be who you are, and understood your faults as well as your triumphs, after a while you …

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Mar 22 2013

Afro Commentary: Geeks Don’t Let Friends Name Their Kids Ridiculous Things

We’re friends, right? The Private has never steered you wrong on things before, right? Of course I haven’t. Good! Now that we have that settled, I have something important we need to discuss; especially if you plan to have children with your geek soul mate. I recently read an article on Kotaku regarding a Japanese …

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Feb 24 2013

Afro Commentary: The Lack of Superheroes of Color

“How do you feel about the lack of non-white Superheroes in mainstream comics?” It’s a rather pointed and polarizing question that we, the entire geek community as a whole, have not asked ourselves in a while. Yet, as we focused on afro-centric topics in celebration of Black History Month (which I applaud Geek Soul Brother …

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Feb 20 2013


So you’re a geek.  Everybody says you’re a geek.  They might have even had to tell you that you were a geek when you didn’t even know yourself.  Then again, you might wear your geek on your chest like a medal… from the hard fought war of adolescence.  But the real question is: How much …

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