Sep 18 2013

Funky Q' Review: THE BRASS TEAPOT (2012)

Brass Teapot


A broke young white couple find a brass teapot that gives them money every time they hurt themselves.  Is there room for trouble in this scenario?  Totally.

Juno Temple and Michael Angarano play a happily married couple in love.  But things would be better if they weren’t struggling, or an empty fridgerator.  While figuring out what their next move would be, Alice stops in an antiques shop and sees a brass teapot which she snags from an old lady.  When they get home Alice hurts herself by mistake and ‘pop’, money appears in the pot.  She tells her husband John, who doesn’t believe at first.  But after a knee to the groin, and a load of money shooting out the brass pot, John is a believer.

I liked the concept as soon as I watched the trailer earlier this year.  I thought I posted it in my ‘Trailer Jive’ posts that I do, but I must have been sleeping that day.  It’s your standard cautionary tale, but the story plays out well. Not to spoil it, but you can probably see that people in this situation might not know when to stop the hurt.  How it presented the escalation of what Alice and John were willing to go through was what kept my attention.  Netflix recently added it to their streaming, so you can check it out.  Not a bad Rom-Com Fantasy. Rated R for language and maybe some violence.

Director: Ramaa Mosley

Writers: Tim Macy (screenplay), Ramaa Mosley (story)

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