May 10 2012

Why Couldn't HULK Pick Up The Hammer?… and other Avengers Newbie Questions.

I know a lot about the Avengers.  So did most of the hordes of movie goers that crowded the theaters this past weekend.  But some of you out there don’t have years of comic book knowledge built up in your heads.  Heck, some of you didn’t even do your homework these past years and watch the Hulk, Ironman, Thor and Captain America movies that lead up to this superhero extravaganza.  So it’s understandable that you might have been totally lost while watching The Avengers.  I can hear my geek brothers and sisters out there right now, expressing their screams at the thought of somebody not totally understanding the movie.  But don’t pay attention to them.  Geek Soul Brother is here to lay a little education on the un-geek nation.


Where did the Avengers come from anyway? – They started in comic books way back in the Sixties.  Two guys that worked for a comic company called Marvel – Stan Lee and Jack Kirby –  came up with the characters and put them together.  The comics are still selling today in some form or another.

What was that cool ship that started flying?  That was the S.H.I.E.L.D. HELICARRIER (Helicopter / Aircraft Carrier).  It’s their central mobile command base.

Who was that Thor guy with the Hammer? Is he like Superman?  Thor is a powerful guy that people considered a norse god back in the day.  He comes from a place called ASGARD.  He and his people are super powerful and kind of magical.  But unlike Superman, Thor needs his hammer to fly.  His hammer has a name too – Mjolnir.

What is that glowing thing in Tony Stark’s chest?  It’s an Arc Reactor.  Watch the first Ironman movie and it will tell how he got shrapnel from an explosion in his chest.  The Arc Reactor keeps the metal shards from going into his heart.  He also uses Arc Reactors to power his suit.

What was that blue cube thing?  Why did long-horn guy want it?  You probably heard Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) say that the cube is an energy source, but if handled wrong, it might blow up the planet.  What you might not know is that the ‘Tesseract’ is much more powerful than that.  Loki was trying to give it to a really powerful guy named Thanos (but you probably didn’t stay after the credits).

If Thor is so strong, why didn’t he kill Captain America when he hit the shield?  Cap’s shield is made of a blend of two special metals.  One is vibranium which absorbs vibrations.  The other metal is called Adamantium, which is virtually unbreakable.  That shock wave you saw when Thor hit Cap’s shield was the vibranium dispersing the force of Thor’s hammer.

If the Hulk is so strong, Why couldn’t he pick up Thor’s hammer?  Thor’s hammer has an enchantment on it that keeps it on the ground if the wrong type of guy (or girl) tries to pick it up.  Basically you have to be worthy to handle the power of the hammer.

What was that Loki guy’s power?  Loki studied the magic arts of Asgard.  He is pretty much a wizard and considered the trickster or devil in our mythology.  Thor had to cover his mouth at the end so he couldn’t use his words to conjure any spells.

I was about to leave the theater, but then a guy with an Afro and goatee said to wait.  Then I saw a purple guy at the end of the movie smiling.  Who was that?  That, you innocent child you, was THANOS.  He’s almost more powerful than pretty much all of the Avengers combined.  But don’t worry, you have 3 years to learn about him before the next movie comes out.  Catch up to the previous films first.

If The Avengers was too much for you, then I don’t blame you for getting confused.  But if you really want to know the story that lead up to the movie, check out the following movies that are available as DVD or streaming – IRONMANINCREDIBLE HULKIRONMAN 2THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA.

There you have it.  Any more questions?  Let me know.

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  1. Nick

    So what was the deal when Thor tried to pick up the hammer in the field and he looked at his hand?

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      I was wondering the same thing Nick. I thought for a second that he was dealing with some internal struggles that made him unsure about his worthiness. But I didn’t see anything that would have lead to those feelings. Maybe it was just a scene to add drama. Glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed.

    2. loopy lou

      In mythology Thor is indestructible on asgard but on earth his power weakens. Just as superman recharges himself in the sun Thor also recharges himself but as the god of thunder he uses lightening.. in that scene where he looks at his hand notice his hand is bruised that is what he is looking at. Also notice the next scene we see Thor in he is in the lightening storm. Hope this has been of some help boys xx

      1. Geek Soul Brother

        Wow Lou, that was a great observation. It totally makes sense why Wheadon put that sequence into the film. Thanks for shedding light on it.

  2. George

    Thx for the catch up but I when I was young I swore I read about the hulk lifting that hammer..i,really cant remember its been atleast 20 years

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      Hulk actually did pick up Thor’s hammer, but it took a minute. I don’t recall the exact comic that he did it. It could be Avengers vs. JLA. Either way, Hulk did it through pure strength, but I don’t think he had time or was angry enough in the movie to do it. I would save that moment for Avengers 2 or 3 anyway. Thanks for asking George.

      1. Bon Geldoff

        Sorry mate, ya be confusin things. Hulk picked up the hammer via pure strength in the Ultimate Avengers cartoon movie. Ultimate Thor is a more scientific creature and not the mystical techno-magical Thor we see in the movies and regular comics. In the movie and comics only those truly worthy can lift it. Its a magical enhancement put upon the Hammer by his father, Odin. Captain America is virtually the only one that has done it. He has the right combination of honor/warrior spirit/character and will ta do it.

        1. tessa

          that’s not exactly right…Eric Masterson, Beta Ray Bill, Superman (JLA/Avengers), Awesome Andy, and Hercules all could lift the hammer, although Hercules did try. and there are a few instances where Hulk can lift it, and Red Hulk (aka Rulk) cheated but he still picked it up.

          1. Geek Soul Brother

            Yes, that’a right. Several characters have picked up the hammer in the Marvel comic universe. This post was specifically addressing The Avengers film. I just knew there were people in the audience that may not have known why the Hulk couldn’t pick it up easily. Thanks for the references though.

  3. james r

    in the cartoon avengers the movie hulk does pick up thors hammer

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      Cool. I’ll have to watch that again. Maybe they will show that in Avengers 2. Thanks for the comment James.

  4. Luke

    While I was watching Avengers recently when Thor shot a lighting strike at Iron man why did iron man gain power I gusse just from electricity Im guessing..

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      That’s right Luke. Ironman’s armor has electrical contacts that let him charge up from outside electrical sources incase of emergency. He’s done it in the comics several times, and it got him out of tight jams.

  5. tessa

    what happened to Selvic at the end? and how did all those aliens just magically die?

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      I’m not sure what happened to Dr. Selvig other than he got knocked out by the blast. He is listed in the next Thor film (coming November) so I assume he turned out okay.

      The aliens probably all died (or passed out) at once because screenwriter Joss Whedon probably needed a quick way to get rid of them. I guess they were being supported by the same energy that powered the technology, which originated from the other side of the space portal.

      1. Michael Morris

        Maybe since the lets call it the “Mother Ship” was destroyed by the nuke that was what controlled the aliens and when it exploded it killed them all.

  6. shay

    What happens when Fury shoots the one plane down but there’s still another one? Were they both bad or was the first one gonna take out the second one? i don’t understand

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      I took it as two planes were sent to bomb NY, and Fury could only take down one.

  7. Michael Morris

    The way I took it was one was a decoy so Fury wouldn’t be able to take one out., because if that one was carrying a nuke then it would have blown up on the Helicarrier.

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