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Puttin' the Funk in the Final Frontier! A Christian time-travelin' brother from the 70s. Loves Scifi, Fantasy, Horror.

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Jun 20 2016

HBO Westworld Trailer! Creepy Androids And Cowboys

When I first heard that HBO was doing a series version remake of Westworld I was excited.  Not only because it’s up there with my other favorite classic science fictions, but the network should be able to do the 1973 film justice and take the Micheal Crichton story to a new level. Suddenly androids are …

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Jun 02 2016



I went to the theater with low expectations because of early reviews. Still, I reserved my judgement because I just can’t get into premature Nerd Hate. Okay, let me start with the good stuff first because word on the streets is this latest film is trash. Oscar Isaac did a decent job as Apocalypse, but …

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May 12 2016



  I’m not a gamer, but I love the concepts of many games that are out there. I don’t really know much about Assassin’s Creed, but all my game buddies seem to love the series.  And now we have the first trailer of the film that Michael Fassbender is starring in.  It looks pretty good, …

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May 05 2016

Interview With MICHELLE LOVRETTA – Creator of KILLJOYS


In this episode we were overjoyed to have Michelle Lovretta stop by the show. She is the creator of Lost Girl and the current Syfy show Killjoys. Michelle talked about her writing process and how she comes up with her characters and the worlds they live in.  She also talked about creating female leads like Bo …

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Apr 13 2016

The DOCTOR STRANGE Teaser Literally Bends Reality

Doctor Strange01

Wow! If you ever want to impress me with a trailer, this is how you do it.  I don’t know how the overall film with be, but from this we do know that DOCTOR STRANGE will be a visual mind bender.  The city on multiple dimensional surfaces reminds be of Inception. I’m also glad this …

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Apr 01 2016

New Trailer – “LIGHTS OUT”… Nah Yo! I’ll Pay the Electric Bill

This is a bold statement I’m about to make, but I think James Wan is close to being my new John Carpenter.  Wait, you don’t know who John Carpenter is?  Halloween, The Fog, They Live?  He was a master horror and quirky film director that blew up in the 80s.  He’s one of my all …

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Mar 29 2016


BvS Lex

  Well, it seems the sequel to Man Of Steel has people polarized in their opinions as much as the initial Snyder film did. But I think many fans are weighing more on the side that Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice was even less satisfying. This was the case for me as I left …

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Mar 12 2016

It’s A Year Of Versus! The Ring vs. The Grudge


This is the year of the Versus! We have Batman v Superman, Avengers vs Avengers, Mutants vs Mutants, and Villains vs Villains.  So why should we not have a versus that dives head first into the Japanese supernatural horror genre like, I don’t know, The Ring vs The Grudge? Enter SADAKO VS KAYAKO.  That’s right, …

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Mar 02 2016

CW’s CONTAINMENT – Atlanta Gets The Super-Flu!


CW continues to forge ahead in the direction of TV shows that appeal to an older crowd.  There doesn’t seem to be anything teen angst-y in their upcoming viral epidemic series – CONTAINMENT.  Claudia Black (Farscape) is keeping busy as Dr. Lommers, the researcher that’s heading up the search for a viral cure. But just finding …

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Feb 27 2016


DD2 Shot

Netflix is combining the dreams of my childhood with the dreams of my adulthood.  They have given me what I’ve been wanting to see growing up, but they are also manifesting the stories that up until now have only been foreign territory for studios.  You can see the confidence that Netflix has in creating this …

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