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Name: Kyle Ferguson
Date registered: February 22, 2017

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  1. Nerd Dad and Captain Underpants — June 27, 2017
  2. Blerd Dad and Smurfs: The Lost Village — April 27, 2017
  3. Blerd Dad and THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE — February 22, 2017

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Jun 27 2017

Nerd Dad and Captain Underpants

Guest Review by Blerd Words TRA-LA-LAAAA Frankly, I’d seen the Captain Underpants book on the shelf for years walking through the aisles at Target or Barnes and Nobles; but I ignored it. I love superheroes, but I couldn’t take it seriously enough to give it a second glance. Well I didn’t have much choice once the …

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Apr 27 2017

Blerd Dad and Smurfs: The Lost Village

Smurfs: The Lost Village

As a child, I would jump up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. I recently had a chance to introduce my daughters to one of the staples of my childhood with the The Smurfs: The Lost Village movie. The film was rated PG, although I saw nothing that made me think it was different from …

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Feb 22 2017


LEGO Batman 1

Guest Review by Blerd Words Being a blerd-dad, I savor those scarce opportunities that I get to share my nerdity with my three daughters. The LEGO Batman movie was one of those limited times. Despite its PG rating, I felt the flick was appropriate for all three of my little princesses. Their ages are seven, …

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