Nov 09 2013

IS AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. GETTING BETTER? Definitely Moving In The Right Direction.


agents of shield
Because the show was struggling with balance between good dramatic writing and a not-too-serious tone, AGENTS OF SHIELD got hit with early criticism from fans.  I had my own problems with the series, but I hung in there because of my personal rule of 4 episodes before I decide if I want to bail or not.  Also, there was a heck of a lot of anticipation and hype for the show  Some of the concerns from the audiences were:

  • By the second episode, it was boring.
  • The show was too slow and had bad writing.
  • The character Sky was annoying in a snarky, hipster kind of way.
  • The stories didn’t connect to the comics or the movies enough.
  • Where were some of the characters from the movies? (Now that’s not fair because they said they weren’t going to feature Ironman, Thor, Cap or the rest).
  • And my own criticism – They weren’t bringing the characters from the comics to life that wouldn’t make it into the films.

Most of these were valid reasons to be turned off of the show.  Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson just wasn’t enough to carry the entire show on his shoulders alone.  And the first and second episodes gave me reservations about seeing characters spring to life directly from the comics.  My line of thinking was “Disney! You paid 4 Billion dollars for All of the Marvel Universe and you’ve only used a tiny fraction of heroes and villains?”  TV seemed to be the perfect vehicle to introduce other lesser known characters to the audience.  A character that we thought might be Luke Cage turned out to be some unknown black man with powers that almost died and wasn’t even featured past the first episode.  By the third episode, people were signing off and finding other shows to watch, which is hard at 8pm EDT. on a Tuesday night – NCIS? DADS? THE BIGGEST LOSER?  No, that’s okay! For my geek self, I was going to hang in there no matter what! Because, as bad as things can get, I’ve been wanting superheroes to come back to primetime broadcast television since THE HULK from the seventies.  I hung in there for THE FLASH, why not for SHIELD?  But now after seeing up to episode 6 I can say that…


Dr Hall Graviton Agents

If only you knew who Graviton Was!

Again, my biggest problems were lack of characters from the comics, Sky not being serious enough, and some concerns about the tone of the show (too light-hearted at times).  Other things I could live with, because I automatically knew they would change.  That’s just the progression of story.

Well, by the third episode my wish for seeing more comic characters came true in a heavy way (pun intended)!!  I wish more fans of the films knew the comic mythologies of the past.   Because if they did, they would have knows how big a deal it was to set up the origin story of GRAVITON.  As soon as I saw Dr. Hall messing with gravity, I was squealing like a little girl… with a goatee and 70s afro.  It gave me much hope.  Then they did a story featuring another black character – Akela Amador, though she wasn’t from the comic (I don’t think).  And by the 5th episode Chloe Bennet’s character Skye started to get more serious and toned down, mostly because part of the arc was about her.  Plus there was some cool fire powers happening in that episode too.

Agents Akela Amador

So I had to wait two more episodes than usual.  It’s still not a perfect show, and I really want to see more comic characters.  But the tone of the series took a turn for the better.  The drama level went up in episode six and all of the characters had some type of development.  The story connected directly to The Avengers film also.

What audiences have to understand is that writers have to find the legs of a tv series.  It usually takes a half a season, or a whole one, to start to feel the theme in the right ways through storytelling and character development. The unfortunate thing for SHIELD is that several networks got lucky with shows like SLEEPY HOLLOW, THE ORIGINALS, and especially the Second season of ARROW, which is the only real contender for a comic based Superhero show.

AGENTS OF SHIELD hopefully will continue to get better.  At least we have a whole season to find out.  I have a much better feeling about it now.  And truthfully, the denizens of geekdom are starting to get really impatient with stuff. And I think a little spoiled because there is so much out there.  We just have to wait a second and let these creators get their bearings on all the awesomeness that they are trying to give us.

Next up we should see a major tie-in with the most recent THOR: THE DARK WORLD film that debuts this weekend (at the time of writing this).


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  1. mia

    I definitely agree Agent is getting better. I had high hopes for this series and was, likewise, alternately bored or annoyed through the first few episodes. I thought the episode this week, although devoid of any characters from the film or comics (except for the one iron man reference), was pretty darn good. I can finally say I’m eagerly anticipating the next episode. I do have to say that I felt the show Heroes managed to find their voice and become captivating very quickly (prior to completely jumping the shark and becoming strange). For many reasons that was my frame of reference – or benchmark and I just knew in my soul that Agent would immediately fill that early-days-of-Heroes shaped hole in my heart! Thanks for this.

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      Yes, Heroes was really great the first season. They seemed to know the tone that they wanted right from the start. I also loved Alphas because of the same reason, though it took a couple episodes to see what direction they were taking it. Good insight Mia, thanks for the comment!

  2. Maurice Mitchell

    Half of my complaints were answered in the last episode. It had such strong character moments. That’s amazing considering it wasn’t written by Whedon.

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      My feelings exactly. It’s taking some time, but it’s coming around! We will see tonight if they keep the momentum.

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