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Nov 29 2011


C3PO (STARWARS)  He can speak six million languages, but he can’t figure out how to shut up!  When you needed an important fact stated, like the odds for your death, count on C3PO to state it. UNIBLAB (JETSONS) – George was always getting into trouble with his wife, kids and Mr. Spacely.  But the last …

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Nov 29 2011

TERRA NOVA got all Buddy-Buddy!

I’ve been watching TERRA NOVA since it started.  Not a bad show, although it’s taking its time to get to the point.  Still, I’m a patient Geek, so I’ll give it some time to mature. They did step up the drama in this episode by having the two main forces of Conflict – Commander Taylor …

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Nov 28 2011


I was sitting at my computer last night and was struck with the urge to check what DVD’s are coming out this week (Tuesday 11/29).  Now let me just tell you guys something.  I have been waiting for Col. Steve Austin to show up on DVD for a long long time.  His bionic circuits must …

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Nov 25 2011

GSB's Flashback Fridays: FANTASTIC VOYAGE

Welcome to another one of Geek Soul Brother’s FLASHBACK FRIDAYS!  This is my series where I suggest old Movies and Television shows for all you ‘younger’ geek brothers and sisters to watch.  You may think they are just old and corny, but if you give them a chance, you might find yourself really diggin’ them. …

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Nov 23 2011

A Real Kid's Weekend at the Box Office

It’s going to be a three-way.. knock down.. drag out.. Adorable fight in the theater this Holiday weekend.  In each corner, three family movies will open, aimed at the youngest generations.  But which one will win the hearts of the youth, and the dollars in their parent’s pockets? In the First corner, THE MUPPETS obviously …

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Nov 21 2011

Comic Review: A$$HOLE

When I went to the New York Comic Con last month, I was slowly perusing through Artist Ally.  Throngs of artist and writers, both famous and new comers, were selling their illustrated wares.  One artist – Ejay Russell – caught my attention.  One, because he was an African-American brother, but even more because of the edgy …

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Nov 20 2011


Just spotted this on a film blog –, which they evidently got by way of  Do you recognize 2 of the new faces in the poster?   Geek Soul Brother is looking forward to this.      

Nov 17 2011

White Soul Brothers of Sci-Fi

This is the second installment of my Soul Brothers and Sisters of Sci-Fi.  You can check out the first one on Black Soul Brothers of Sci-fi HERE.  Now since we are talking about the WHITE guys (shall we say of Euro Decent?), lets break it down to just the White brothers with SOUL.  You know, …

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Nov 14 2011


Funny little video I found.  It caught my attention since it had 2/3 of my title.  And it’s correct, this IS how we think, and geeks DO try to solve the problems around them.  At least what they perceive to be problems.  That part gets us in trouble every now and then. [youtube=] We get …

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Nov 13 2011


  What is man’s fate when the gods are at war?  This is the epic story of  IMMORTALS.  I saw the movie today in NY with my buddies.  I was hooked in early on from the release of the trailer a couple of months ago.   I was expecting some real eye candy and it …

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