Oct 21 2011

10 Science Fiction / Fantasy Shows that SHOULDN’T have been CANCELED!

We’ve all been there.  We sit down in front of the television.  We turn the channel to our favorite show.  We wait, and then say to ourselves in nervous bewilderment …. “what the heck is this?  Where is my show?”  We anxiously check the guide, only to discover that some other TV show has been scheduled in place of ours.  Then we find out the horrible truth…  OUR FAVORITE SCI-FI SHOW GOT CANCELED!

Here is a list of shows, particularly Sci-fi shows, that I really liked, but ultimately got canned.  See if you agree with me.

DAYBREAK – Guess what happens when you have a compelling story, that mixes the intrigue of a cop show, the urgency of 24, and the science fiction concept of a time loop?  Give up?  NOTHING!… When you put the show on as a filler between the seasons of LOST.  DAYBREAK had Taye Diggs as Det. Hopper, a no-nonsense guy that suddenly finds himself the number one suspect in a murder of an Assistant D.A..  Think that’s bad?  Slap on a little classic Sci-fi concept of being stuck in a 24 hour time-loop.  Yes, he’s reliving the same day over and over.  The day where the cops chase him and his girl and family’s lives are in danger.  But, unlike GROUNDHOG’S DAY, things that hurt Hopper carry over, like bruise and cuts.  This show aired for 5 episodes and then ABC cancelled it!  LOST was coming back on, but I don’t know what could have made them take it off so early.  Black Male Lead?  Concept too Far Out?   I don’t know, but it was a great show, and they actually completed the season, which played like a long mini-series.  I strongly suggest you check it out.  You can watch it on Hulu if you want HERE.  By the way, if you get the DVD set (or rent it), don’t buy the 2 disc set, buy the 4 disc version.  It has great quality and tons of extras.  Netflix only has the 2 Disc set.

4400 – Who needed HEROES when you already had 4400.  Unfortunately, canceling 4400 made way for the NBC hit.  Personally, I thought 44 had much more story depth, and some of the characters were a more interesting.  Too bad the writer’s strike happened at the time.  Not hating on the writers, it’s just that the timing sucked.

FIREFLY – Come on.  How can a true western opera in space not be as interesting as all get out.  Joss Whedon had a real talent for original ideas.  The mixture of the two genre had such a unique feel. I only remember seeing stuff like that in cartoons like BRAVE STAR.  You can get the entire series cheap on DVD with 3 unaired episodes.


THE DRESDEN FILES – All you POTTER fans and DETECTIVE SHOW  fans should have been all over this show. Dresden was  sort of a Private Eye Wizard, that used his magic to solve crimes.  It had its humor and  its drama.  I can’t imagine that this show was doing bad in the ratings, I mean, it was on the sci-fi channel.  Beggars can’t be choosers SYFY!  Watch it HERE

CAPRICA – The Prequel series to the incredible BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, this show had some very cool Sci-fi concepts, as well as some possible dead-on predictions as to what society will look like in the future, with virtual reality internet, the legalization of taboo social situations, religious extremism, the concept of ‘after-life’, and the real hazards of AI’s.  I saw the end coming for this show, but I would have loved to see what they were going to do with all that in one package.

KINGS – Now, you have a show… with an almost Shakespearian gravitas… which is an updated version of the biblical story DAVID AND SAUL… that comes on “SUNDAYS” no less… and it can’t last more than one SEASON?  Am I missing something.  Being a Christian, I automatically gravitated to this show.  Some things just don’t have a rhyme or reason. Ian McShane did justice to the role of King Silas.  You can watch it HERE.

STARGATE UNIVERSE – Yeah, I know it had a slooowww start.  And yeah, I know it reminded people of Star Trek: Voyager.  But I’m going to tell you this… STARGATE UNIVERSE was a good darn show.  Why?  Because the drama level kept increasing with almost every episode.  Sure it had some basic  Sci-fi motifs that people had seen before, but the drama and acting were superb.  Well, really good  at least.  Ah well.

DEFYING GRAVITY – Another great show that had true character studies going on.  And truthfully, they caught me with that mysterious entity that was effecting their deep space mission to venus.  And that’s another thing… everyone wants to go to Mars in Sci-fi.  No body goes to Venus, so kudos to DEFYING GRAVITY.

DOLLHOUSE – Joss Whedon pours his writing talents into another Female Hero based TV show.  It may have been corny at first, but Whedon was taking it into some cool Sci-fi territories.  Maybe Eliza Dushku hurt the show some, with her somewhat flat acting, but Harry Lennix,  Fran Kranz and Tahmoh Penikett made that series pop!  It got 2 seasons, and Joss Whedon was able to rap of the series with 2 special finale episodes.  He’s no slouch when it comes to storytelling, so I would have loved to see where this was going too.

NIGHT STALKER – Now this was a personal cancellation grip for me.  When I was growing up, in the olden days of the 70’s, one of my favorite shows was KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER.  So when I heard that they were going to remake it, I was completely on board.  Sometimes I look forward to a remake, and sometimes I don’t.  It depends on if I think they can pull it off.  BIONIC WOMAN = NO…. KNIGHT RIDER = NO…  NIGHT STALKER = YES!  It was about a reporter that investigated strange murders .  Strange as in ‘some monster killed this person.’  This was a show that I figured had the right setup for todays audience.  When I finally got to see it, I was satisfied that they were handling things right and taking it in a slightly different direction.  It was nice to see Gabrielle Union doing something interesting.  It’s nice to see her doing anything heehee.  Watch it HERE

Sometimes it’s rating.  Sometimes it’s narrow minded network Execs.  Sometimes the stories are just too deep for most people.  And sometimes it’s just meant to be.  But darn it, give a show a little time to grow.  Everyone is so quick to just cut, cut, cut and not see where these cool concepts take the audience.  And don’t think this list is it.  There are a lot more good shows that SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN CANCELED.  Let me know what  you, my geek brothers and sisters, would have included on the list.  It doesn’t have to be restricted to Science Fiction shows, anything that you think was a travesty will do.  Geek Soul Brother would love to know.

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  1. Colleen

    I am so glad you mentioned Kings. It’s run was so short and so few people new about I was beginning to feel like it was a figment of my imagination.

    Judging from your list, you seem to be into hard scifi. I enjoy a little fantasy thrown in. Maybe you don’t consider them sci fi, or maybe you just didn’t care for them but here are a few more good shows cancelled too soon:
    The Finder – Guy gains a preternatural ability to find what you lost, it’s not always what you ask for. (The main character reminder me of Harry Dresden)
    Pushing Daisies – Bringing back the dead was never more charming or colorful.
    Dead Like Me – Who knew grim reapers had to pay rent?
    Bar Karma – They don’t know how you arrived but they’ll help you fix your problems.
    Torchwood – Alien threats are almost common place, they keep humanity safe. (From what I’ve seen BBC Sci Fi shows always have a multi cultural cast.)
    The Prisoner – You can’t resign from the British Secret Service. For all you hard work we’re removing your name and shipping you to an island “resort” where everyone seems half zonked on something. (This one is old, 1967-1968)

    I really enjoy your blog and your sense of humor.

    1. Geek Soul Brother

      Thanks so much Colleen. I’m glad I can bring a little laughter to your day. You’re right, I do bend to Sci-Fi a little more than fantasy, as far as Television is concerned. But all of those shows that you mentioned are great shows. I’ve been meaning to do a few more lists of shows that shouldn’t have been cancelled. I’ll definitely add your suggestions in as time goes by.

      Did you see the remade mini-series of The Prisoner with Ian McKellen? It aired on AMC and wasn’t bad.

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